Friday, 13 March 2009

A week in numbers

0 - number of new jobs I got
1 - number of job interviews I had
2 - number of candidates down to the 2nd round - I was one of them
3 - number of motorways I negotiated to get to Richmond-upon-Thames (shut up, that was hard, it's not a major part of my skill set)
4 - number of ooh/aah/omg moments I had in Richmond (that was a seriously good night)
5 - number of total applicants for the job
6 - number of funny/odd google searches that have brought people to my blog, "my aunt wants me to dress as a boy and have sex" "grand parents gone wild sex fuck argy" "trumpet notes b minor" "university lecturer milfs" "Scottish milfs " and "get your ironing done Belfast"
7 - number of people who watched my presentation as part of the 5 hour long interview process
8 - number of hours of sleep I've had in the 2 days before the job interview
9 - number of messages of good luck prior to the interview
10 - number of hours of sleep I had last night
11 - number of people who interviewed me in total
12 - number of hours I spent at work yesterday, in a nice case of symmetry it was year 12 parents evening and unlike other bloggers parents evenings there was no wine and no chatting up.

You might guess from the tone of this post how upset I was not to get the job, it was a non teaching post within the school and the interview was on my daughters birthday. I knew by teatime I hadn't got it, just in time to go out and have a lovely celebratory meal !

All applicants were introduced to the whole staff team at daily briefing so all my colleagues were surprised to see me there as a visitor, I was shown round the school by 1 of my students, was interviewed by another 3 of my students so now everyone knows I am leaving teaching at the end of this term. All horribly public and humiliating and despite the blogging, I am by nature, extremely private and sometimes even secretive. They didn't appoint anyone to the post and I spent all of yesterday having to tell everyone I didn't get it.

I know I will get over it, I am much better today than I was on Wednesday. I haven't been on a job hunt for 20 odd years, that was also the last time I didn't get the job I applied for. So now my blogging lovelies, auntiegwen needs a job, I'm available soon, so what could I possibly do ? have you any opportunities for an auntie?


Tim Atkinson said...

Bad luck! Another teacher leaving the classroom, though. That's a pity: bet the kids'll miss you!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you could find a job across the pond love. hehe...Sorry you didn't get the job.

DAB said...

Prime Minister ? I've penned a wee joke for you over at my blog to cheer you up. Gordon Bennet! TFxx :)

Dusty Spider said...

A woman of your talents is bound to find something soon. Who could resist you for long??? Keep your pecker up! Flick xxxx

Nota Bene said...

"get your ironing done Belfast"...well that wasn't my search...but if you fancy doing my ironing just let me know. I'd be terribly grateful.

Real sorry you didn't get the job. I'm sure there'll be many a great opportunity to come your way in the coming weeks...

auntiegwen said...

Tim - I actually think they will

Lisa - you get me a job and I'll be there in a heartbeat

Tf - I could have a crack at it, I've always fancied it as a job share with Victoria Wood

Flick - I hope so but I feel my juvenile sense of humour will hold me back, I sniggered for quite a while over the "keep your pecker up " see, the desire to be funny gets me every time xxx

NB - all right, I'll pop down and do your ironing, I need somewhere to go tomorrow night as I'm being kicked out of my own house as part of the birthday plans.

And you should know better than to mess with my head over the "great opportunity, next few weeks " and a ... you know that the ... get my psychological incontinence in full swing. Have you got your crystal ball out again ?

Laura said...

I'm so sorry things suck for you right now!

Laura said...

I know what will cheer you up! Meerkats! Meerkats cheer everyone up.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm with Laura! Meerkats are the way forward! We *heart* Aleksandr ;o)
I'm emailing you before I drink more wine ;o) xxx

Mean Mom said...

Sorry you didn't get the job, but you obviously did well to get as far as you did and I hope you gave yourself some credit for that. Your presentation must have been good, otherwise you wouldn't have got through to the 2nd round. Being interviewed by 3 of your students must have been offputting and being interviewed by 11 people in all?? Well done for getting through that lot! Hope the party goes OK!

scrappysue said...

sheesh - did you enter for the position of president of the universe or what?

sorry you didn't get it :(


auntiegwen said...

Lolly - thanks for that, as a fellow job hunter you can empathise and my friend Penelope loves the meercats too !

penelope - and as if by magic, here you are, I have to go look at the meercats

MM - thanks, I now realise I need more practice at this, there's obviously a skill to it.

Sue - it felt like it, no worries, I'm sure something else will turn up

Shirley said...

Well, bugger! I have no words of encouragement because I hate them myself. Totally sick of 'em.

Want to trade houses for a couple weeks? I just watched The Holiday again. Might be fun.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Gotta love the Meerkat! Why are you leaving, Beautiful Auntie Gwennie? I am certain there will be a super job out there with your name on it, darling!

Are you finished with teaching - You seem to be such a star at it? Best of luck, lovely Bag-ie! xxx

Working Mum said...

Aw, AG, I know how that feels - down to last two, but didn't get it (Head of Dept post a few years ago), but at least it wasn't played out in front of my current pupils and colleagues. Laura's right - I'm a bit addicted to finding my perfect meercat at the mo, too!

Leaving teaching? Let me know how that goes (for future reference, you understand) Good luck finding something else. Stand up comedian?

Anonymous said...

So sorry you didn't get the job! Fingers crossed for the next opportunity.

Reasons said...

Hello, just popped in for the first time! Sorry to hear you're low re. the job. My hubby is in this situation. Not easy, lots of best wishes. Will come back and check on you soon!

TheOnlineStylist said...

Sorry you didn't get it - what are they? Fools?! Be a writer and my fave auntie - none of my aunties were as cool as you! I know technically speaking you can't be my auntie as we are two years apart in age but seeing as we don't do technical then thats fine!

auntiegwen said...

Shirley - a house swap with a some overlap for time spent together sounds perfect x

Fhina - I'm not done with teaching but maybe done with that school if that makes sense ?

WM - thanks, it was a bit sucky but I'm good with it now and as for the stand up, I'd def be game for a wee bitty that

Mud - thanks, if pnly i knew what I wanted to do when I grew up it would be so much easier

reasons - hi and thanks for visiting, I am much more chipper now, honest ! x

That girl - I'm not good enough to be a writer but a ranty aunty that job has my name all over it ! x

A Confused Take That Fan said...

Oh, more fool them for not employing a super doooper Auntie. Did the students decide?? Surely not?! I too need to decide what I want to 'be' when I grow up. I bet you are an amazing teacher. Good luck with the job hunt - not that you'll need it. x

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

That's so awful, poor you Auntie. They obviously have no taste or judgment - who could have beene better than our Auntie Gwen? That's a rhetorical question, 'cos there's no contest as far as we Bloggers know. Hope you're better by now - I know I'm running late, for a change! M xxx