Wednesday 10 October 2007


Well, I did come back, I didn't really want to but I did. I absolutely love Paris. Highlights of this trip were many but I really enjoyed using the metro, which I didn't do last time and I loved Abbesses metro station , it's only one of 2 original Guimard Art Noveau metro s that remain so I was really pleased to see it.
I enjoyed wandering round Montmartre, I went to pray in Sacre Couer (lapsed Catholic that I am) and although the Church is really impressive, inside I was left feeling slightly uneasy at the juxtaposition of the sanctity of the church with the requests for money at every turn. Signs reminding you to respect the church by not taking photos and not talking ( which I completely understand) vying for position with signs asking you to donate 10 euros to light a candle and 2 euros for a tealight, donations of 15 euros for masses said and the uneasy spectacle of a gift shop within the church itself, just off the right aisle. I understand that it costs to upkeep the church, but isn't the Catholic Church the richest institution in the world ?
I loved the old style Paris with the beautiful traditional architecture and I was surprised at how much I liked the very modern style at La Defense in west Paris. I could quite happily live there.
So I'm home now and back with a bump, got up at 5 to fly back in time to teach my year 13 s. Went straight to work where a visit from EBD food tech teacher to discuss her lack of progress in handing in course work was awaiting me. After school, lesson prep for tomorrow then home, where I had to take TBS to his electric guitar lesson, assemble a costume for BBD 's book character day and then cook tea and deliver TBS and his maddest mate to rugby training. In between the normal cleaning, laundry, mummy type stuff I do.
Was it only last night The Beautiful Man and I were strolling hand in hand along the Champs -Elysees ?


Squirmy Popple said...

Paris is lovely. I went there in February but would love to go visit again - I imagine it's much nicer when it's not overcast and 10 degrees.

Neil said...

Did the BBD not ask if you had any *ahem* "announcements" to make on your return?

lisa q. said...

ah reality bites huh girl? welcome back! :P

Helena said...

What beautiful pictures, Gwen. It'll be my wedding anniversary next Saturday, and the most I can hope for out of McScrooge, is a walk to the chippy...!

The times passes, quickly - eh?

Gwen said...

I haven't been to Paris for years but it is beautiful and well worth a visit. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

auntiegwen said...

Katie - in June glasgow can be overcast and 10 degrees !!!

Edge - Did you have a question you wanted to ask me then ?

Lisa - reality has bitten big time

Lena - I hope you have a better day than me, next Sat is BBD's birthday and I will have 6 little giggly girls for a sleepover, can I come to the chippy with you and Mc Scrooge ?

Gwen - it really is the most beautiful place, I like it nearly as much as Glasgow