Tuesday 22 October 2013

In which I apologize, profusely

I am a bad blogger. I used to be a good blogger, I yearn for the days of 3 times a week postings and hours of reading and commenting, mind you I yearn for the days of sitting down. I'm sorry, I just show up and spout stuff at you now. Mea culpa

We have officially moved into our new house, the one we have had since June, the one which we were going to have all perfect and painted and with the new kitchen diner installed and functioning BEFORE WE MOVED IN. As I type I can hear swearing from the kitchen diner as himself tries to fit the kitchen units together, apparently our new fancy kitchen units are badly designed, that's the radio edit. Once all the badly designed units are assembled we only have to wait 3 weeks for our granite worktops to come and possibly eleventy years for our fancy schmancy glass splashbacks. I am aiming for eating Christmas dinner 2024 in there. We fail at stuff.

We moved in last weekend, picking the wettest weekend of the year to do it in, another fail.

We had our move delayed to suit the buyer so we had to do it all over weekends and evenings as we couldn't get time off work at short notice, do I have to put another we fail in? or can you see where this is heading?

We spend ages cleaning and sorting out our old house, today we got an email via our solicitor from the buyer with a slightly random trio of complaints, and a phone call from the estate agent as the cleaner who was employed to go in and clean the house I cleaned and scrubbed and polished had set off the alarm and she needed the code. Clearly my cleaning wasn't up to much.

I have lost my marriage certificate, which I was hoping would turn up as we packed, so I could get a new drivers license, with new name and address. That didn't happen so I have ordered not 1 but 2 replacements, so I can have a spare, in case I fail again.

When you move, you realise what crap you've kept and how much stuff your life contains, I'm not sure I can face it ever again, I just hope my knees and hips are up to the job as we have 3 storeys in this house.

But on a cheerier note, we love Market Harborough, it's a grand wee place, we love the deli and the wine shop and the friendliness and quirkiness of it. So if you're ever in the area, come and see your auntie, you can admire the badly designed kitchen units and no worktops.

And lastly, in other news, the Eldest Beautiful Daughter if off to Dusseldorf, she has a job teaching in an international school there and leaves next Friday. Jaysus, it really doesn't feel that long since she was at school herself and now she will be teaching full time. There she is on her first day at primary, she's the one on the left.

That seems like proper grown up scary stuff, and if you've been reading here a while, you'll know that EBD is a bit afeared of real life, but fair play to her, next Friday she's off to be a proper grown up. I am not even beginning to worry about how she will manage as she speaks very little German, She can order a beer and ask for a kiss, sure what else will she need?

So, my beautiful daughter, go live your dream, it has been the most immense privilege to be your mummy, you are everything I could ever wish for in a daughter and I love you dearly, mo cuisle mo chridhe

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.


Gigi said...

Oh sweetie - you have my condolences. Particularly since I will soon be in the same (moving) boat as you!

Congrats to your beautiful daughter. Despite only being able to ask for a beer or a kiss, I have a feeling she will be fine. The young have a way of going out there and conquering life, while leaving the worrying to their mothers.

At least, that's what I keep telling myself as mine is edging ever closer to jumping off and starting his own life.

auntiegwen said...

Gigi - thank you for your lovely comment. I hope Man Child will have a great big exciting future too xxx

Looking for Blue Sky said...

I've always been in awe of the young ones over here who insist on moving into 'finished' houses - I've never yet managed it! But it would be lovely :) It sounds like you made a good move to somewhere really pleasant though.

And huge congrats to EBD with the new job xx

Nota Bene said...

Oh my word that is a big post. Where to start?

Firstly good luck and all the very best to EBD...she can always call The Boy if she needs any German help. Dusseldorf is a fabulous city, and only a short hop away for you.

You've been married five minutes...how can you lose your certificate in that short amount of time.

For the cleaner, I know that however hard you and she had scrubbed it would not have been good enough...there's a a margin to be had in the estate agent sending one in.

As for the kitchen...haven't you ever watched Grand Designs?

And congratulations on moving in. Very pleased you two have 'your' home

auntiegwen said...

LFBS - I do like it, if you ever get a chance come and see xxx

NB - thank you, she is going to facebook the boy, she hopes they can meet up :) they've always got on well. Yes, I know I've only been married a second but I only lost it when Andrew told me to stop carrying it around in my handbag and put it in a safe place!!!! Looking forward to you and The Cats Mother coming to visit, we are only 56 minutes away from St Pancras :)

Anonymous said...

Long time no see!!

Congratulations due:
1. marriage
2. new house
3. I would have thrown the kitchen out of the window!!
4. to EBD

Hopefully by this time next year we will be in the full throws of extending and refurbishing our new place, what this space.....

Trish said...

So much news! Shouldn't laugh about the kitchen units but my husband always blames his equipment too! Every bloody curtain pole in our house is cut too short, so there is a bit added on the end, I'm so grateful he didn't become a surgeon.

Talking of marriages, my husband lost his wedding ring on our honeymoon so he beats you hands down I think!

Little lump in my throat for your daughter leaving home. Exciting times for her, slightly wobbly times for you. Hope all goes well xx

libby said...

You do not fail at being a wonderful loving mother, toprate wife and great friend.....I'm looking forward to at least getting a drink in the fab new kitchen before 2024......x

libby said...

You do not fail at being a wonderful loving mother, toprate wife and great friend.....I'm looking forward to at least getting a drink in the fab new kitchen before 2024......x

auntiegwen said...

Anon - I will have the gin ready for you, you'll find it helps tremendously with DIY'ing!

Trish - every single pole! bless him, he must have a bad tape measure :) xx

Libs - come anytime, you're the kind of friends who take us as they find us xxx

Lady Liberty said...

Your daughter is beautiful - many congratulations on all the good things happening in your life.

auntiegwen said...

LL - thank you, tis strange to see a thin unwrinkled and non grey version of yourself!