Friday 3 January 2014

Julen ar over/Julen er overstaet

Or Christmas is over if you don't like the Swedish or Danish translations, I didn't know how to do the wee punctuation marks, don't give out to me, I did Google translate for the titles.

Are you sad or relieved?

We had eleventy million things we had to do over Christmas, we had places to go and people to see, things in the house we must get finished or Christmas will have to be cancelled type of things. Probably just like yourself. We achieved precisely zero of our must do's.

I apologize to my wedding anniversary, who should have found itself in the great splendour of it's creation at One Devonshire Gardens, where we were due to spend 2 nights enjoying ourselves ON OUR OWN, the capitals for emphasis as we seem to have about 10 nights per year where someone doesn't want us to be with them. I also apologize to our good friends Gordon & Lou as we should have then driven on to Edinburgh to enjoy New Year there and then the Loony Dook in South Queensferry the next day. Neither of these things happened as the fuel pump exploded about 5 miles into our journey. No car no Scotland.

I apologise to our house for not painting the lounge walls or getting the skirting boards and window sills installed in the new kitchen diner. Christmas managed to come and go just fine without skirting boards or window sills and with lounge walls that have bare plaster around where we put the new door into the new kitchen. We did highlight the wall with 12 squares of paint that look nothing like the shade on the tester pot, this is why we have 12. How difficult is it to find paint that is 3 shades lighter than the greyish/beige you painted your last house? More difficult than you might imagine.

So instead, we ate and drank our body weight in chocolate and alcohol. We sat on the sofa and indulged ourselves in our new winter passion.

Box sets

Especially Scandinavian crime or Nordic Noir as it's known. We have seen The Killing series 1&2, Borgen series 1&3 and we are currently saving the last episode of The Bridge for tonight. Oh yes, we know how to partaaay. Clearly I am way behind the trend with this, the story of my life. by the time I catch up all the cool people have moved on.

So tomorrow will be bereft of Nordic Noir unless you comment sharpish and I can get an Amazon order in, please let me know what we can do to keep our NN passion alive with.


Gigi said...

I have no sage suggestions for your NN unfortunately. But I did want to wish you a Happy New Year.

Christmas seems to come and go no matter where we stand on our To-Do lists, doesn't it?

Mrs Worthington said...

Can I introduce you to Inspector Montalbano? A Sicilian alternative

Little Red Hen said...

It has a name now: binge watching. Like it's a bad thing.

auntiegwen said...

Gigi - HNY to you too xxx

Mrs W - I have read one of those but not seen, mucho ta ness, shall investigate

LRH - I know, folk are weird

libby said...

We shared a pavement with Kasper Juul a few weeks ago...twice in one day...just sayin'....all of us trying to act cool but giggling and watching his everymove...he was pushing a buggy which of course made him look very sexy......sigh......anyhoo...the NN is very very addictive and the new Bridge starts tomorrow!....I thought of you on your anniversary and wished you well for a great Scottish vist...sorry you didn't get to go......sometime this year when you are not knee deep in tester pots and white stuff homewares shall we have a little day out somewhere?

Looking for Blue Sky said...

I must be living in the Dark Ages so, not having watched any NN at all! And I've never seen a box set... I have just been introduced to Sherlock though , but by my daughter :)

auntiegwen said...

Libs - you have no idea how happy I was last night when I saw a trailer for the new Bridge :) would love a day out or a wee cheeky travelzoo away, just let me know xxx

LFBS - ooh, try and watch The Bridge starts on BBC4 at 9 tonight xx I will give Sherlock a go, not seen any yet

Trish said...

Despite our love of all things Scandi, we are still way behind on the box sets. Have only managed Killing 1 which is shameful. Which is the best then so we can skip some?

auntiegwen said...

Trish - the ones I have watched I have loved, so I wouldn't skip any, honest. Plus it's rubbish weather anyway, not like you can be out every evening enjoying a nice walk or doing healthy stuff, no, no you sit yourself down, get your NN on and finish all the Xmas chocolate, then in the spring we can all go and get fit together, how's that for a plan

Nota Bene said...

That's a lot of apologies...thank heavens its a New Year. New Year, new start. We've done Killing 2 & 3 but oddly not one.

Congrats on your anniversary...paper?

auntiegwen said...

NB - the first series of Forbrydelsen was ace, you really should give it a go