Friday 28 February 2014

My memory

Should be subtitled "Or what's left of it"

Is it cos I'm stressed? (to be sung to the tune of Moose T)

Is it because I'm getting old?

Is it because I've got way too much work on?

Is it a sign of my own personal doom?

Today I was lecturing at a local university, part of my lecture was on memory loss and mild cognitive impairment in neurological disorders.

I drove all the way home and found I'd left my laptop there.

Do you think I could take my mum's appointment at the memory clinic? Save it going to waste.


libby said...

Nooooooo......aren't there any drugs we can take????
I can't access the travelzoo thingy..will try this weekend and come back to you about the spa ...
we obviously need to relax more..our brains are getting frazzled.....either relax more or drink more....I know which way I'm going this weekend.x

auntiegwen said...

Libs - Happy wine night xx have emailed you re spa its £55 with 3 treatments for the day :) xx

AGuidingLife said...

I think it's just a sign that there is too much in your hesd right now. Our brain capacities aren't infinite. The laptop was bottom of the memory ladder. Could have been worse, could have been a phone call from school saying "are you collecting your child today?" Which would have been even more worrying because that would mean you forgot to mention on blog there was a child of child collecting age to be collected....I'll stop now, I've lost the plot.

auntiegwen said...

KV - please join me, my plot is clearly lost

Helena said...

I'm a nightmare when it comes to memory and heavily rely on written word reminders. Anywhere. Ink on
paper/walls/skin. I've been out with my arms covered in notes - one
neater than the other, of course.

Gigi said...

It's stress. It's GOT to be stress.

auntiegwen said...

Lena - I have a book that I write everything down in

Gigi - yep, Mrs Stressy is my new name

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Definitely stress. I left my memory on a beach in Co Wexford about 10 years ago. And forgetting things just makes you more stressed, it's horrible xx

Mrs Worthington said...

I have appalling memory, short term and long term. So I am list woman. I write on my arms, I have notice boards and post it notes and still I forget things. I'm with KVille at least you hadn't forgotten a child and it sounds like you managed to deliver a lecture without forgetting why you were there half way through

London City (mum) said...

Look on the bright side:
a) you could drive yourself home
b) you remembered where home actually was

Sending hugs and strength.


Mac n' Janet said...

You're on the right road ha, ha ha. It only gets worse. I once showed up for classes (as an adult returning to University) with 2 different shoes on, they weren't even close in looks.

Nota Bene said...

Yep...just stress. Beat the husband to relax...(sorry Andy)

Expat mum said...

I'm blooming' awful too. I am pretty good about writing things down instead of attempting in a pathetic kind of way, to commit them to memory. Trouble is, I have about four different jotters and I can never remember where I've written what. I need a 'system".

Family Affairs said...

You didn't add - is it because I like gin? Lx

Trish said...

Looking at the comments it would seem we are all the same. For me, it's forgetting what I'm saying. I get half way through a sentence and

auntiegwen said...

LFBS - I hate forgetting things

Mrs W - oh yes, the lecture went very well, just looked like a total fail when I had to phone them up and ask if my laptop was there!

LCM - ah yes, I can always find my way home (for now...)

M&J - I'm sure people thought it was a style statement :)

MB - Oh I would never hit the Andrew, the Andrew feeds me :)

Expat Mum - I have only 1 book, it's really all I could manage

Lu - ah you sussed me, but weekends only for alcohol; sober as anything in the week x

Trish - want to join me and Libby's middle aged lady club?