Monday 26 January 2015

Things I just have to tell you...

My blog is now 8, thank you for bearing with me for all these years, from the bottom of my heart, I luffs you and am so grateful to share a wee bloggy space with you.

 I cannot believe how much has changed, the children are  22, 19 and 18, we have come a long way. They all now have qualifications, none are in jail and still no fillings. I should get a medal.
The children just get better looking and more interesting, however I am  now beginning to resemble a shar pei, an elderly and quite chubby shar pie. I remain, quite bewildered by life but now it may pass for early onset dementia.

I have been sent an official letter about my job, which I luff as it is being made redundant. In the letter was a confidentiality clause so I can't tell you what I think about losing my job, which I luff but I expect you can guess what I might be thinking. I am thinking it quite hard.

On a cheerier note, I went to Paris at the weekend, I have been to Paris with 3 different men in my life. I can't begin to tell you how much racier that makes me sound than I am in real life (see para 3, elderly chubby shar pei) How and ever, this trip was lovely, I luff Paris, there is a lot about what I luff in this post to stop me thinking about the bad stuff (see para 4, in which the aunties job is no more)

I luff the Eurostar, luff, luff, luff.

 I did not luff Searcy's champagne bar at St Pancras, we were massively underwhelmed and it wasn't underwhelmed kind of money. I am going to sound even more middle aged but the toilets were a disgrace. It should have been a gorgeous end to a gorgeous trip but Searcy's, you sucked.

In the next month I am going on trips (not by Eurostar, sadly) but sans weans (always a plus) but we are off to Malmo in Sweden and Copenhagen (which despite all of my children's education and the fact 1 of them has a degree and is a PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHER (in capitals for emphasis), none of them knew which country it was in!) Any suggestions for Malmo or Copenhagen gratefully received.


Gigi said...

So sorry to hear about the job. Yes, I can pretty much imagine what you are thinking.

AGuidingLife said...

I also luff Paris, Eurostar and not Searcy's so jinx-tiddlywinks can't move til I say your name.

I think you need Mumsgoneto for Malmo and Copenhagan on the Tourist trail, she's definitely done both.

HWMBO has travelled in and out of Malmoa lot but always working so he is good for any travelly, hotelly stuff but the rest - nope - mail him/me if you have questions - but I reckon Trish is your woman :) have a great time.

AGuidingLife said...

PS crapola about the job, but when God shuts a door he always opens a window (said Maria - and I reckon it's true)

libby said...

Crikey missy when are we going to catch up? Sucks about your job....but the trips sound just lovely....where are you staying in Copenhagen (fabulous place)? xxx

Looking for Blue Sky said...

That really sucks about your job, but hopefully the European tour will help take the sting out of it xx

Mac n' Janet said...

Sorry about the job, it's always the one we love that disappears. Enjoy some time off. Never been to Copenhagen or Malmo, I'm a warm weather traveller. England is the only country whose weather I forgive.

London City (mum) said...

Also luff Eurostar and travelling anywhere by train (on holiday, preferably, not commuting).

Bummer about job. Will also think what you are thinking, thus ensuring less brain wastage.

Planning to head to Sweden in June for crazy bike race near Motala, although lack of funds (job/work-related as well) may impede plans.

I say 'f*ck it" because you only live once. So trip will go ahead, although hopefully I won't have to cycle there as well.


auntiegwen said...

Gigi - I know you properly understand this x

K Ville - if only I'd read that when I was still in bed! I could have had a lovely lazy day with my knidle, you are indeed my gin twin :) I love Trish's blog so I will steal all her good ideas, yep windows open will be fab

Libs - choose a day, we can steal all your good ideas re Copenhagen
too xxx

LFBS - yep, I shan't worry about money just yet, I shall just hope I win the euromillions, would it be a bad idea to spend redundancy money on lottery tickets? xx

M&J - I know all the awful jobs go on for evaaaahhhhh, I'm glad you like the UK and forgive our weather but being Scottish I find being 350 miles south of where I should be a bit warmer anyway,hardy soul that I am!

LCM - you and your energy, I am in awe of your healthiness, yep def go for your crazy bike ride, I shall come along and cheer, I will have loads of free time around June !! x

Anonymous said...

Absolutely pooh pants plop arse on the job news. On the other hand Paris, hooray! And Copenhagen and Malmo were awesome. You must go to their store that is like Liberty. It is AMAZING and full of gorgeous, gorgeous Danish design. I loved the Design Museum too. Also there was billions to do and we didn't do enough but you will swoon. And Malmo is very cool and mostly full of hipsters, who are fun to watch. Also by Copenhagen station is an amazing bakery where they do every type of Danish pastry, even weeny teeny ones. You will LUFF he.

auntiegwen said...

Mrs Boo - there are other jobs going in the re shuffle and I am sure I can persuade someone to give me one, just it won't be the one I have now but I have my big girl pants on now and will be making the best of it. Thanking you most kindly for tips, I am now hungry re pastries and excited by a Liberty type shop. My lovely husband who is all beardy/ hipster/broguey type will fit right in Malmo then, they'll be wondering why he brought me!ps I am luffing your pink hair at the mo

Lesley said...

Next time you come to France, come further south. I'll give you good champagne and clean(ish) toilets. xx

auntiegwen said...

Lesley - you are so on, I will look forward to it and bring any stuff from the UK your wee expat heart desires x

Mrs Worthington said...

Ah feck the job! as someone has already commented another door will open. Preferably onto Eurostar. Would love to go to Malmo. Wel jel

auntiegwen said...

Mrs W - travelzoo, many many cheap jaunts we have had from them, sign up to the weekly email, holiday pirates also well worth a sign up too xx

Nota Bene said... can they take your job away? That a outrage...I'm glad you can still have some humour about it..Paris is fab...and hope you find alternative ways of earning a crust. I've been to Malmo. I was 8. Can't remember a thing. Same goes for Copenhagen. Glad to have been of service..

Anonymous said...

Hello! Saw your comment on Mad Trouts about the pomegranate cum frozen bosom and of course I had to pop over and see you. Sorry about your job but happy about your forthcoming trips. I will now go off and play catch up with older posts :o) CT x

auntiegwen said...

NB - you are always helpful, I'm obliged dear Sir

CT - welcome my dear, thank you for visiting your old auntie x