Friday 13 March 2015

23 and 9

Every year we have a May half term holiday with The Boy Wonder, who is the son my husband made earlier, if you don't get that splendid joke, clearly you are far too young for this blog, be off with you and return when you have grey hair.

Now as my husband only made one child, that child needs entertaining. I have never had to do entertaining on that scale as I made three children. When my kids were small they would never entertain the notion of going to a kids club so we rented villas and they all amused each other, when you have one child in a villa you are the only option. Last year's holiday and the dawn to dusk entertaining clean wore us out. This year we have opted for a Eurocamp in Brittany as we hope that having a kids club and other kids around will allow TBW to make some chums and we can have a conversation at some point over the week.

At lots of points in my life do I wonder what is going on. Never more so when I am going to a caravan in France, in a half term week, with lots and lots of overexcited, shreiky children and non guaranteed sunshine and the fight for a non towelled sun lounger.

Especially  when  I realise that my children no longer come on holiday with me as the youngest is 18 and I own a beautiful villa in Turkey with every home comfort imaginable in a quiet spot, no children around, sun splitting the stones and 6 of my very own loungers, I can put my posh hamman towels on any one of them I fancy.

23 years of parenting in and 9 more to go and you just know that someone in the next 9 years will have a baby and we will be destined to be doing this children malarkey for ever. And never once does anyone think of me as a mummy blogger!


Andy said...

The answer is gin. For any question other than 'what shall we leave behind?'

Looking for Blue Sky said...

The other answer is "bring a friend"... It was done for me when I was small, and I did the same for number one daughter. Solved a multitude of problems!

AGuidingLife said...

Have to say agree with LFBS. You have to find a parent with multiple children whose youngest is the same age as yours and then offer to take them on holiday, people that have been parenting for 23 years just jump at the offer (you may understand that!)

Some of my favourite holidays have been Eurocamp in France though but don't under estimate the list of crap you have to take with you, the caravans are not well stocked. It was stupid stuff like a towel for the floor in the bathroom, a good fan and some pegs that I wished I'd had the first time and never forgot to take again!

Nota Bene said...

I don't get that joke.

Working Mum said...

As the mother of one child, I can say the solution is to marry a husband who cannot sit still and loves entertaining said child while you still get to sit on sun lounger and read books. (Sometimes my husband's itchy feet are a positive). Alternatively, stock up on puzzle books and games that can be played by one player and reveal a new one every two days on holiday. Child thinks they're getting presents, actually you are getting peace.

auntiegwen said...

A - indeed, I shall be fully ginned up

LFBS - oh extra children, not sure I can cope with extra

KV - please send me a beginners guide to eurocamp, must say I am mightily cheered up by the thought of filling the boot full of vino on the way home :)

NB - even 37 year olds watched Blue Peter

WM - puzzle books will be bought forthwith! many thanks, unfortunately I have a husband who's capacity for sun loungering and books matches mine!

Trish said...

We did Eurocamp in France with one boy and had a great time. I'm sure you will too. I found, holidaying with an only child, that kids clubs are ok in small doses but he loved just being with us too. If I recall, he whittled wood with his dad in France - never showed any knife skills thereafter, mind.
(Agree with K Ville on bathmat!)