Thursday 3 September 2015

Polka dot notebook of doom (TM)

Hello dearest readers, every time I don't post for a while I feel guilty and then I think it is probably a treat for you not having to read my haverings. It's all a bit strange chez auntiegwen, some of us are madly busy (that would be me), some of us are faffing around (that would be him) and some of us are stressed to the max (that would be Beautiful Baby Daughter)
I started a new job at the beginning of July with the same employer but in a different role, me no likey, I may likey later but presently it's all a bit woolly but with lots of stuff about how I am autonomous and strategic and responsible, which is grand until someone decides they are more autonomous and strategic and responsible than me and makes me change and redo stuff I thought I was autonomous and strategic and responsible for. I have bitten holes in my tongue, seethed myself into an ulcer, woken through the night nightly and my eyebrows haven't yet managed to come down from my hairline since July.  My current flexitime is running at 60 hours over and as I can only take 14 hours back, I just have to suck it up, my normal working hours are awake to sleep, Monday to Friday. My life at present is all too work focussed and not enough gin focussed, baah.

And by the law of Sod, mr auntiegwen has finished his contracting work and finished renovating a flat, which is up for sale and until it is sold and he has the cash money in his pocket to buy the next property he has no gainful employment. He has time aplenty, none of your awake to sleep hours for him. This concerns your auntie not one jot, I have eleventy million jobs that need doing round this house. For ease and convenience, I have documented them in a lovely Emma Bridgewater polka dot notebook. Now mr auntiegwen is not enamoured of said polka dot notebook, I would go as far to say he avoids the polka dot notebook, he's not afeared of it more disdainful and refusing to admit it's existence. It exists plenty fine. I fear it may become a source of marital discord.
Beautiful baby daughter is getting ready to leave home for university, she doesn't really want to go but staying here and being a house daughter is not an option, her brother floated the notion of him being a house son circa 2013 before his departure for university and got short shrift for his trouble. I could quote you some of the utterly ludicrous thing she is saying but she might read this and I am still afeared of a major meltdown I shall refrain but it's killing me. September 14th is when she gets her keys for her halls of residence and I am hoping we can co-exist peacefully until then.


Mac n' Janet said...

Oh Auntie, I do miss your words of wisdom and devour each post. I have a file of to do and it's killing me, so I sympathize with Mr. Auntie Gwen. When the youngest goes, shut the door and change the lock or it could become a life time job for you.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

I have three house children now the oldest has discovered that the streets of London are not paved with gold or even euros. And a list too. It's good to get an update, even if it is gin free for now x

auntiegwen said...

M&J - you are too kind, come round for your dinner, himself is a grand cook, we will drink wine and I shall give you all the wisdom you can cope with! x

LFBS - ooh poor Angel xxx I am full of stuff to say but afeared I get found out! x

London City (mum) said...

Mr Auntiegwen and my OH must be related: he has a distinct aversion to anything I "write down".
Never mind that I 'write down' things because he otherwise FORGETS or OMITS them from his memory altogether.
And then (of course) says, "You never told me."
To which I answer, "Yes, I did. And I wrote it down."

Did I tell you that we send each other calendar invites so that we (read: I) know what is going on in our lives?

As you were.


auntiegwen said...

LCM - I think calendar invites are the way forward for us, everyone in my life knows they have to email/ring/text me on my work account to have any chance of reply! sad article that I am x

London City (mum) said...

Makes two of us then! We should go into business :-)

Gigi said...

You are not alone in not liking the job department! I can only hope that things will settle down into a routine that I can deal with; but at the moment? ME NO LIKEY!

Once Beautiful Baby Daughter gets out of the house, she will realize that although she misses the comforts of home she will like the freedom even more.

As for Mr. AuntieGwen...well, he has a twin in the US.

auntiegwen said...

Lcm - you need some training doing Then I am your woman x only an hour away from London by train x

Gigi - Mr auntiegwen's mummy has been a bit flighty as he appears to have more than 1 brother worldwide he didn't know about! X

ADDY said...

My list of jobs was definitely a source for marital discord in our house. The technique is how to make them think THEY thought of it first!

Trish said...

60 hours! No wonder you are frazzled.
Where is your daughter off to? Hope it all goes well for her.
Could you cover the spotty notebook in something more appealing to him so he might pick it up by accident?

auntiegwen said...

Addy - oh please tell me how you can do this! I would love to learn that skill

Trish - Lucy is going not too far, doing journalism. I think I could cover that notebook in finest malt whiskey and he would still spurn it!

libby said...

Oh AG.....each night the mister and I sit with our laptops tapping away, just pausing now and again to say 'fancy some chocolate/a drink/a film/an early night?' and we are both ignoring the list of things that need doing...we don't have a posh notebook of doom.....but it sounds like a good the flat sold yet? xx

auntiegwen said...

Libby - it might be, keep fingers crossed x