Thursday 14 January 2016

The first non gold tree in 23 years....

 Catherine wanted to see pics of our first non gold tree. Always happy to share, this was the tree himself brought home, it was manhoosive! When the net came off it was over 6 foot wide. 
We gave it a severe haircut and we managed to fit the sofa back in the room.
 It was really lovely to have a real tree again, first time in 23 years. So we started to decorate...
And I kept going...
And going...
It's like I can't help myself
 I'm going to stop soon
 It was a bit OTT
But I loved it
It was quite a sight, 
And took up a lot of room
It looks like we didn't pay the leccy bill but I just love candles
I kept the silver theme much to The beautiful sons chagrin - he doesn't like change
 But I liked it, so did mr auntigwen as due to the candle heat, he could switch the central heating off and that gives him a disproportionate amount of pleasure, I expect being married to me he takes his joy where he can!
My lovely big children
With the boy wonder and the lovely G who tamed the big son
And with our beloved Granny, mr a's gorgeous mammy. It was a fab Christmas x


Andy said...

Loved the silver and the candles and the mayhem!

auntiegwen said...

Andrew - thank you, now after the fact it does feel like it was worth it, at the time not so much

Oxfordshire said...

WOWED!!!! Never had such a nice post in my Feedly inbox before! Thank you hon!
Also never seen such a wide tree- Oxfordshire ones are smaller..We had a pot-grown one this year so tasteful but each Xmas bring out a tasteless mini pale pink tree! Cue family jokes about putting it out in the dustbin! You all look very happy and your silvery glass candly dining table gorgeous like your ace tree.Cx

Mac n' Janet said...

Gorgeous tree, it would have been worth moving the couch out to keep it. I love candle light, it softens the wrinkles.

Gigi said...


I have a friend whose mother switches here tree "theme" every year! It exhausts me just thinking about (never mind the expense!).

Around here, lately, it's either red/gold or red/silver, both versions heavily feature family favorites. The boys keep asking if we could have multi-colored far the answer has been no.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Lovely tree and lovely pics that really capture Christmas x

auntiegwen said...

Catherine- you're most welcome, I like the sound of the pale pink tree, that would look lovely with silver X
m & j - I knew there was a reason I loved candles!
Gigi - we can't have multi coloured lights, oh no that's a step too far, I like the red gold red silver combo X
Lfbs - yeah, we had our moments if high drama too, that was at a nice peaceful time! Xxx

AGuidingLife said...

Crikey - P.O.S.H. I guess that happens when you move south!!!

All looks lovely.

libby said...

Such lovely pics...especially the grand looking dining table...and I'm amazed your beautiful big boy can still fit in the room!! what on earth did you feed him as a young'un??

auntiegwen said...

K - nothing's posh with my lot! I'm not sure if Mh is posher than Oadby? It was certainly a lot cheaper, hence why mr a mo ed us here!
L - he's manhoosive now, I reckon about 6 foot 5 and his girlfriend is smaller than me!