Friday 29 February 2008

Will you marry me ?

I was thinking that this was was a good time to have a wee bit of fun, after all, how many times does a girl get to propose ?

Now, I am a creature of habit and for many many years my celebrity shag list remained the same. The original line up was as follows

1 Billy Connolly
2 Robbie Coltrane
3 Craig Ferguson
4 Alan Cumming
5 Dougie Henshall

I amended it a few years ago, giving the matter quite considered care, to

1 Dougray Scott
2 Dougie Henshall
3 (I'm sorry to say I can't remember but it could've been Jack Davenport)
4 Sharleen Spiteri
5 Angelina Jolie

Now, I'm afraid to say that I'm going to have to amend it again as none of them seem to be doing it for me. What is wrong with me ? There are millions of people in this world, why can't I choose 5 ? It really is a puzzle, I've got no one to propose to and no one to proposition.

So, if you can think of anyone I can propose to, drop me a line please !

Ps, I have discounted Dan Parks as he is only 28 and Chris Patterson as he is a baby too


Karen said...

What about the completely gorgeous Wentworth Miller ??

lisa q. said...

oh yeah...i gotta go with karen...he is too gorgeous for words! and, of course, you know i have to suggest johnny depp! :D

auntiegwen said...

Karen, I had a look and he's all yours but much kudos for being able to link things, something I am completely unable to do !

Lisa, you know I'll always leave Johnny just for you, although I was thinking of Orlando Bloom but yesterday my mate Edge said he was dull and that kinda put me off a bit.