Monday 4 February 2008


There is no coherence to this post really, it's just a random piece about the things that have happened in the last few days.

The Beautiful Son has gone on a school trip, he's snowboarding in Switzerland, I miss him so much, I'm glad he goes and I'm glad he enjoys it but I just miss his physical presence as he is usually attached to me, it seems strange to not have his hugs. Roll on Saturday, when he's back

I was meant to go to the cinema to see The Kite Runner with the book group as we've just finished the book. I had to cancel as I had no babysitter. The irony of that is that 4 times per week after school I teach a total of 40 students to babysit !!!!!! Oh yes, how my friends laughed when I made my apologies.

I had no babysitter as Eldest Beautiful Daughter went to see her friends band perform. I was also asked to go by one of the students at school - go me ! He handed me the flier which offered " Free sex, if you come" I'm not even going to begin on that one, but as I was reading it, his little face got a bit panicked and he said " Miss, that bit's not for you" okay then...

My washing machine is officially dead, Comet are charging me a grand total of £40.45 to remove my old machine and plumb in the new one. I know it'll take them 10 minutes at best. I am not going to depress myself by working out what percentage of the washing machine price that is .

Beautiful Baby Daughter got the most fantastic report card, she seems to be storming along academically and is still engaged in her learning. Again I am not going to depress myself by wondering when she will switch off. She will continue to be a teacher's dream.... (unlike her siblings)

I had a really sleepless night on Saturday as EBD and her friend failed to come home on time, not just a bit late, but hours late, allegedly they fell asleep at someone elses house (ok then) and neither had taken a phone. I really felt so alone, just sitting there worrying and crying, knowing that I can't go and look for her as she wouldn't have a key to get back in and having BBD alseep in bed, I can't remember when I felt I needed someone to help me so acutely, I just wanted someone there with me, to support me. So being the mean old bag that I am I phoned her dad and made him have a sleepless night worrying about her too. I found myself about to apologize for this but stopped myself, just because I have full time residency of them, it doesn't mean that they're not his kids and not his worries too, right ?

The 6 nations have started, Ireland won, England got beat and so did we, at Murrayfield as well. Never mind, there's always next week.

Every night before I go to sleep I try and think of 5 good things that have happened in the day. I am trying to focus on the positves in my life. I read somewhere that for happiness, you can actually " Fake it till you make it"

So, that's what I'm keeping doing, doing the things that make me content and counting my blessings, Pollyanna must be shitting herself !!!


lisa q. said...

so sorry you had to go through that with EBD...been there myself...there's not a more horrid feeling! have a fabulous week gwen! keep focusing on the positives!

DAB said...

You made me laugh reading your bit about "Free Sex if you come!" and Pollyanna , that's got to be a postive thing in my book. Talking about books would you recommend the "Kite Runner"? TFX

auntiegwen said...

Lisa - I ve worked out that in 2 years time when she goes off to university, The Beautiful Son will be 15, I'll get him sorted only to be followed by Beautiful Baby Daughter's teenage years !!!!

TF - he made me laugh too, like I was going to refuse to go if I didn't get the free sex ! I would recommend The Kite Runner and my book group enjoyed the film also

Poetess said...

Hi there

I so understand your bit about beiong alone when things go pear shaped and you realise your on your Jack Jones. I had some crazy nutter banging my door down in the middle of the night the other week. The police said they were on their way. needless to say they didn't turn up for half an hour. time in which for him to break in and kill me in my bed. Well maybe the wardrobe. I would have had to hide in there. Thankfully my youngest actually stayed in all night that night so it wasn't as scary as it could have been. I feel so vulnerable sometimes.


auntiegwen said...

You do feel really vulnerable in the middle of the night don't you ?

Glad you're ok, I'm sure the police were very busy arresting people for speeding or shagging their bikes or being muslim without due care and attention !!!