Wednesday 23 June 2010

And it's all downhill from here...

Remember that lovely cheery post you got last time, where I was all happy? That was the high point.

As always, if middle aged women moaning isn't quite your thing, you can click away now I will always love you, I'm your auntie, a bad auntie at the moment as you'll find out.

At work I am extremely organised, I get into work early, at least an hour before the others and I write down all the things I've got to achieve that day. I work 3 days per week in that job and I am really productive. I have a navy blue and white polka dots notebook that contains all my to do stuff and I use different coloured pens, I have a system and it really works, in meetings, if someone asks me to do something it goes in the notebook and then I tick when it's done, I can look back and tell you what I did three months ago last Wednesday. This works for me. Which is just as well as I have 3 hours spare to do a full weeks work before I go off on annual leave, I am horrendously busy at work presently.

Trying to replicate this getting things done at work success I made a list of all the things I need to do this week at home as I seem to be living several people's lives and am far too busy to be just one person. This was a good move. The bad move was to forget to put things on the list. That was the flaw in my otherwise cunning plan.

I forgot to phone gadget mad dad and wish him a happy fathers day, I'm a bad daughter, I did post cards to him, I also bought cards and presents for the ex mr auntiegwen and I expect I was just all fathers day'd out. Phone call not on the list.

I remembered my godson's birthday and posted card and present on time. I did sign the card auntiegwen, all lower case and with no space, like I type it here. His mother will be surprised at my shocking grammar. But I did sort it out because it was on the list.

I went into work on Monday for a meeting, ON MY DAY OFF. That was definitely on the list, so I wouldn't forget. Me no likey, it's my day off and it was really sunny. I had to get dressed and be indoors when I wanted to be semi undressed outdoors. When I got there I found that my boss had been to a big meeting with the council. They'd called everyone in to warn them that even though they'd agreed funding until April, they were doing an urgent review in September and someone was going to lose money. They are our only source of funding, if that goes, so does my job. I like my job, I don't write much about it here but I genuinely feel it's the right job for me. I now have to decide whether to start looking for another job, because unlike my colleagues, this is not a second salary, it's the only salary. And my kids are used to eating/wearing clothes/living etc.

I forgot my nieces birthday. My sister has 2 daughters and I forget each of their birthdays every single year. This annoys the crap out of my sister. I am a bad auntie. Even though Abbie's birthday is a few days after my son's and Alanah's is a few days after BBD's I still forget, you'd think their cards and presents to my kids would trigger me to remember but nope. I didn't have it on the list.

I forgot to go to the dentist, even though it was on the kitchen calendar, it wasn't on the list.

I happily ticked off, making the appointment for the solicitor, phoning the pension people, paying in cheques at the bank, getting money to go on holiday, handing over register and diary and work to be done to my friend Susan who will be covering for me next Tuesday at my other job, doing a form for a school trip, getting money for packed lunches, form to have locker deposit returned. All happily ticked off as I worked my happy little way down the list.

I failed to fill in the form for my son's school trip, not because of any list, just because someone ate my beautiful boy and left me with a 6 foot lump of Kevin the teenager. He was picked, 1 of 40 kids, to go on a trip to Alton Towers due to excellent attendance, work rate and behaviour. And my wannabe bad ass won't go, because all the good kids are going. Spare me please.

And it's only Wednesday. Send me love or gin. Or both.


libby said...

I'll buy you a gin....but I guess you're busy Sunday/Monday?..let me know.

Ayak said...

Don't beat yourself up. It's not always easy to remember everything when you've clearly got so much on your plate.

Just go away on Friday, leaving all the lists behind, and have a lovely time. You deserve it xxx

Jon Storey said...

You should try living with The Children's' Mother, she needs a list to remind her where she has put the lists! We have developed chaos to a fine art, and could probably get a grant.

Uni visits start this weekend, I am going to stay in the shed with strong drink........

ps Hope the job is OK.

Nota Bene said...

1. Lists are the devils work...see how you are a slave to them!
2. Alton Towers...overrated
3. Father's Day...a Hallmark invention
4. Work - I'm sure you're too valuable to lose
5. lower case no grammar is the trendy way to write
6. etc
7. Pimms made with ginger ale is the drink for this weather

Elderberry-Rob said...

I write lots of lists, take a good look and then throw them away - the things on those list seem to be propelled along by their own force and worrying won't make any difference. Hope you can find some work though as that is clearly a big worry. xxx

MrsVikkitoria said...

Sending you love and virtual gin. Don't be too hard on yourself. Its so hard juggling it all. I feel I managed much better when I worked rather than now as a full time mum. I seem to live in a state of chaos these days and it really annoys me. Can't wait to return to work and an organised life. If I can find a job that is! I hope all is well with your job and the funding remains.

MD xx

Gigi said...

Oh Gwen - I know exactly how you feel! It's all very overwhelming at times. Ack! You just reminded me - I forgot to call my dad back on Father's Day!

Sueann said...

My DIL regularly forget my birthday and my husbands. She forgets Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day and even Christmas. She has no list. But I am not bothered. I know she loves me and my hubby and she is doing the best that she can. She has five kids...4 of which are teenagers!! Enough said!
You have a lot on your plate dear one...don't feel bad. You too are doing the best you can.
Hugs and one mojito

AGuidingLife said...

meet you in gin alley.

Anonymous said...


One or 2 gins down here too. Do pop by!

London City (mum) said...

Personally I am just pleased that someone else is also suffering from the early onset of senile demetia (you think I am joking? It runs in my father's side of the family... and affects the women) and forgetting things.

This week so far:
- childrens' PE kit
- keys to bike locks
- car hire for imminent holiday
- lunch (mine, as in I remembered at 2.45pm)
- setting alarm clock
- bedtime (as in wondering why I felt jaded and then realising it was after midnight)

Feel better now?

Meet me at the pub. My shout.


Mrs Worthington said...

Forget the lists they are clearly doing your head in and you are beating yourself up about them. Someone suggested to me today have a stop doing list it's shorter and more fulfilling. Put a bottle of chilled rose wine on your list though whilst you are at it.

Becky said...

I have a pretty work notebook too and am far more organised there than at home, where its constant but happy chaos.
I hope my blogging award to you on my page gives you a lift :-)

Rarelesserspotted said...

As my mother would tactfully say, "It's your age pet." (She gets away with it - always). Case of gin and a barrel of love on its way

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Sending love, hugs and bucket loads of cyber gin. Hope your week improves.


Looking for Blue Sky said...

Hmm, I like lists. They stop me panicking about stuff. Even better when everything has a neat little tick against it :)

Shirley said...

Whew! I'm exhausted just reading about all the things you got done! I'm betting that if your job wasn't in limbo you'd be ace-ing the rest of your list/life. That little bit of nastiness is sapping the mental energy you'd ordinarily be using to keep all the (63) balls in the air. I sure feel for you, love.

mannanan said...

Reason to be cheerful?....Apply to this you never know.....

Madame DeFarge said...

You have had sufficient gins, but I shall cheerfully bung one your way. Just remember to drink it.

diney said...

Lists are good - you just had a bad week! Hope things got better - with or without the gin. You have as lot on - give yourself some credit! x