Wednesday 28 August 2013

In which all changes

I should have known it, truly, experience should have made me anticipate it. But Lordy Lordy, here we go for another round of all change.


My Beautiful Son, light of my life, joy of my heart CHANGED HIS MIND AGAIN

So, Jack has decided to go to uni after all. He got his results, completely as predicted, had made his conditional offer, so thought about it for a day or so and decided to go.

On the plus side - he hadn't informed Edinburgh he wasn't coming, so they were still expecting him

On the plus side again - if he goes to uni, Eldest Beautiful Daughter has a bedroom to come back and be a part time supply teacher in. She is being a part time supply teacher because, and I quote "I AM NOT READY TO BE A FULL TIME GROWN UP YET" (in capitals for emphasis) I am not even thinking worrying about her NQT year. Much.

On the not so plus side, as he took a day or so to decide, he didn't get his first choice of accommodation. He is now looking at private student accommodation, which seems to the untrained mummy eye to offer less facilities for more money.

On the not so plus side again, he hasn't applied to student finance for any money as he didn't think he was going.

On the not so plus side again again, this means I am looking at between £140 - £178 per week just for him to have a bed to lie in, before travel and food and beer. Oh and his tuition fees. I am sincerely hoping his dad will help, otherwise I am going to have to take a part time job on as well as my own to fund this.

I am not worrying about this, this will all be sorted and will be grand. If we all keep saying this, the power of positive thinking will make it soeth.

PS - I really don't do stuff like this often,(I like to think it's because someone reading's child may not have got the results they wanted and I don't want to rub salt in) but allow me a proud Mummy moment, indulge me.

My beautiful baby daughter has had a very troubled last 18 months, properly unhappy and dealing with horrendous issues which have impacted on all of us. But the thing about Lucy is, she has a tremendous force of will, which is a fantastic thing when it's channelled in a positive direction but less so when it allows her to be a gobsh*te of the first order.

She has had a STUNNING set of GCSE results, they would have been stunning if she had been in the easiest 18 months of her life instead of the utter torment she has been in. But to achieve what she did whilst the explosion in the "what the f*ck" factory hit us, has been truly unbelievable. She even got 100% in one of her GCSE's, and none of the other 9 were too shabby either.


Nota Bene said...

Your youngest daughter is ace...the very many most congratulations to her. You are rightly proud mummy.

Your son will find there are plenty of bars that he can work behind to help fund his existence...and I bet if you ask nicely, plead poverty the government may just find the money to lend you/him...they're pretty lax about most things, surely they understand the hopelessness of teenage decision making process. The Boy will see him up there...although not 'til next year.

And best of all I detect a cheeriness that has latterly been missing. Hurrah.

auntiegwen said...

NB - I do hope we can all meet up there, it can't be that difficult to arrange to be visiting at the same time, can it?

libby said...

Littlest has done really really well..congrats to you all....and tall boy will be able to improve his old scotsman accent no

Timorous Beastie said...

Good for them. Happy news all round. We had a visit day at the uni today, with parents and potential students all poking around. It was a lovely atmosphere, everyone feeling hopeful and positive.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

It WILL all be grand, as they say in Dublin :) And huge congrats to Lucy, that's wonderful, and why shouldn't you tell us? I love reading good news xx

Sonya said...

Fantastic news for your daughter - well done! I'm glad your son has taken the Uni decision, and I'm sure it will all work out. My youngest was in Halls at St. Andrew's last year and the food was hideous, so I ended up spending much more than planned so she could shop and do her own meals. I am about to take my eldest back to Uni for her third year, where she also has no housing, so that's a worry. Their father will in no way assist financially - I do hope that works out better for you.

I am also job hunting and having sold my house last fall am sort of wandering from one temporary location to another right now. So know that you seem from this single Mum's perspective to be much, much more together than me!

Gigi said...

As your school system is a mystery to me, I'm a bit lost...but it seems congrats are in order for your daughter. As for the boy, it will all work itself. Somehow, some way, it will, of this I feel sure. Those last minute waffles/decisions put more stress on us than we need but eventually they'll figure it out.

Expat mum said...

Congrats on the GCSE's (I know - where the F have I been? I don't know.)
I'm quickly realizing that you really can only lead a horse to water. These kids will do what they want and we have to support them as much as we can. We came over as usual this summer and visited Napier in Edinburgh. Man-Child (now upper 6th) loved it, so we may well have another in the city.
(Can we call them Mad Manic Monkeys or something?)

AGuidingLife said...

aha well done to all of them and to you for retaining your sanity....oh!

Saz said...

oh the joys.....!!
and how long have l be lurking, everyones kids are grown..least of all mine..
i think mad manic mamas still applies even after theyve flown..
see you there soon

saz x

auntiegwen said...

Libs - ah yes, he might even sound properly Scottish in general conversation again! xxx

Timorous - it's a really exciting time, I am quite envious of his 3 years in Edina, I really miss living there, it's been 13 years since we left

C- yeah good news has been a bit thin on the ground here of late, but onwards and upwards xxx

Sonya - how lovely to be at St A, my good friends Bill & Glenda went there, gorgeous place isn't it? Hope your eldest girl gets a bed, if she's near Leicester or Northampton she could share a room with EBD, we could half in for bunk beds! Good luck with the job hunting, it's not easy is it?

Gigi - our university is your college, pretty much, I also have been having similar fates with my car like your man child's of previous years, we'll draw a veil over that shall we? xxx

Expat M - hello me dear, long time no chat, if you beloved does come let me know and I'll Mummy him for you in term time, Jack will lead him as far astray as your boy will allow!

K - nope sanity looooong gone

Saz - oh I'm still in the hell of mummying teenagers, Lucy has just about killed me, it's nice to be able to say something positive about her and truly mean it, she's made it pretty hard over the last few years!!! x

Working Mum said...

Reading your blog makes my life as a mother of a nine year old seem bliss in comparison!

Believe it will all work out well, and in the meantime, hit the gin and tonics.

Unknown said...

What a relief for you! My daughter goes to Portsmouth - she dropped out of St Mary's in hopefully Ports with suit her better....she is very volatile and moody and flies off the handle so to be honest me and my lovely boy are looking forwards to a bit of peace! I will miss her tho....
you should give yourself a mega pat on the back Auntie Gwen...and a large g&t! I'll tell you all about me self employment soon - still getting me head around it! xx

auntiegwen said...

WM - the thing about 9 year olds is, they grow up1 but I will be here to hold your hand and proffer gin when you need it :)

MB - ah the volatile and moody girl child? maybe she and Lucy are twins!!!! hope she enjoys Portsmouth better, looking forward to the job news xxx

Trish said...

I've had to have a quick canter through your previous posts to catch up on what's been happening in your life. So pleased in this post there seems to be lots to cheer about. Glad your son has changed his mind. What will he be studying at Edinburgh? Well done on your daughter's results. Of course you can have a proud mum moment.

auntiegwen said...

Trish - thank you, just dropped him off, feeling quite subdued at the moment