Tuesday 7 August 2018

Well hello there again part eleventy billion

If there is anyone out there in the internets still reading hello to you. All is well here chez auntiegwen, clearly I am much older and hopefully wiser but all is well.
All 3 of the beautiful children are grown up and living independently now, Beautiful Baby Daughter graduated a few weeks ago, Eldest Beautiful Daughter gets married at Christmas and The Beautiful Son has a beautiful baby daughter of his own.
Mr auntiegwen or adventuresinrealityblog and I continue to be the happiest of happy, we live on our own in a far too big but extremely clean and tidy house. He continues to consult and try and tame the madness of engineers (although he has crossed from their numbers over to the dark side) but he has also become a part time firefighter- at one point he was the oldest trainee firefighter in the county and my guess also the country but he's now the oldest firefighter in his station by miles. 
I have a new job to start in a few weeks and am excited about it, after 8 years in my last role I wanted and needed a change.
We have been busy on our travels and hope to do some more, photo of a sunset taken on Christmas Day 2017 on the beach in Tel Aviv.
Hoping you and yours are well x


Mac n' Janet said...

Welcome back empty nester, isn't it fun.

auntiegwen said...

M&J - it is bliss

Gigi said...

Gwen!!!! So happy to see you pop up here! So much exciting news on your end; congrats all around. Nothing too exciting on this end - although we are also about to be true empty nesters as Man-Child officially flies the coop next month. Hope to see you around more often...you've been missed.

auntiegwen said...

Hey Gigi - another empty nester 😀 Lots of my friends children have returned home but no signs of it from mine x