Wednesday 8 August 2018

Wheels and more wheels

When I met mr auntiegwen/adventureshe drove a Volvo estate and seemed completely uninterested in cars. I liked that plenty fine, I am also completely uninterested in cars, if they take me where I want to go and I can park them easily that'll do me. I was completely lulled into a false sense of security on this issue.
It transpires that having me and the 3 beautiful children plus the boy wonder, the one he made earlier just took up a lot of time and we had a bit of a honeymoon phase. As the children have grown and needed less input mr auntiegwen/adventures has had a bit more time. This spare time is mainly taken up by the fire service but in the 3 and a half minutes a fortnight he has off he started looking at motorbikes. He had them before he met me but clearly felt being married to me wasn't enough of an extreme sport and needed some more adventure in his life. 
He has plans for big long trips on motorbikes, the most wacky of which is buying a Ural motorbike and a sidecar for me and travelling from Alaska to Argentina, when we start I will be in a parka and when we finish I will be in my pants. 

The first motorbike he bought was the same model he had before and had loved. It was too lairy. 
The second motorbike he bought  was too big and safe.
The third  motorbike appears to be just right.
The first and second motorbikes we had simultaneously, we have no room for 1 motorbike never mind 2 so I stropped a little and motorbike 1 was sold to a mate down the fire station.
I thought that was the end of it but motorbike 3 arrived to keep too big and too safe motorbike 2 company so I stropped and motorbike 2 was sold (on eBay, no one at the fire station wanted this one)
Motorbike 3 looks like the worst of all 3 but what do I know?

He has now moved on to looking at VW camper vans. 


Mac n' Janet said...

He obviously still has too much free time, you need to find him a better hobby.

auntiegwen said...

M&j I think I might quite like a camper van but I know the fancy one in my head will not be the one he buys. He will buy something that looks like it should be scrapped and it will smell bad. It won't have pastel colours, bunting or fairy lights either

Gigi said...

Empty nest syndrome appears to have hit someone in your house HARD! :-)

auntiegwen said...

Gigi -,displacement 😀 I don't mind when IRS something I like but I'm not fussed about motorbikes at all