Monday, 26 February 2007

Reasons to be thankful

Ok ok Scotland got beat ( by the Italians, oh the shame of it !) but England got humped by the Irish and you all know my granny's Irish don't you ?

The beautiful son's rugby team came 3rd in their tournament and won the fair play award, and TBS managed to maintain his favoured position of hooker, all good.

Beautiful baby daughter finally passed level bloody 12 and that means no more swimming lessons for her and for me ( In fairness to her - she's managed much quicker than the other 2 but I'm just fed up doing it for the 3rd time )

After Friday's night out, I didn't have to apologize to a single person for my behaviour and yes I was out ( post midnight like a grown up - admittedly unusual for me as I like to get home the same day I left, which is piss poor I know but I am 40 now ) and yes I was drinking I had 1 repeat 1 glass of the red stuff. I felt so good on Sat am and I was kind enough to not fill in all the lurid gaps for the friend who did get overexcited and had their beer goggles on. Smugness thy name is Gwen.

Because I only had 1 glass of the red stuff on Fri it meant I could go out again on Sat, crazy I know 2 nights on the trot !! We went to see The Good Shepherd and I was very thankful I went to the loo before it started. It lasts 2 and 3/4hours ! Christina nearly fell asleep and Jo complained that I had made her see a grown up film and she didn't get any sweeties. I thought it was ok as films go but Angelina Jolie looked stunning.

By mistake someone sent a picture to my phone, technically it was a multi media message - get me ! I don't have a camera on my phone so I didn't even know that I could receive pictures. I have an ancient old Nokia that the Eldest beautiful daughter has cast off ( it isn't even her last discarded phone, it's the one before that !) but I can work it, it's pink and the ring tone is the Sex and The City theme tune, so it stays. I opened it up and there was a photo of a very, very beautiful boy, almost in his pelt, hand stategically placed and a message that read "wen r we goin out ? " Is that how people date now ? I don't know whether to be excited or worried. Incidentally, he looks like the actor in the BT homehub advert all blond and buff, with spiky metrosexual hair, so I have now added him to my list. I've kept the picture and if I'm having a bad moment I look at him and it brightens my day up no end.

Starbucks, the evil geniuses have found a way to make me spend more time and money there, which is quite a considerable feat. They have a new featured coffee called cinnamon dolce latte, I have mine venti skinny and without the whipped cream, it's as gorgeous as the boy on my phone.


Helena said...

Wow...! If I knew how to receive pics (as my Mobile's an offspring cast-off too!)I'd be interested in seeing that pic! Mind you, I'm rather apprehensive when my eldest son leaves his phone about. Despite the temptation, I'd prefer to be blissfully unaware of it's contents!

But keep that number anyhow, gal!

auntiegwen said...

if you're interested I can e mail it to you, it really will brighten up your day