Thursday, 1 February 2007

Tell me why, I don't like Thursdays

I hate Thursdays, eldest beautiful daughter and beautiful baby daughter both have to be in different places at the same time on a Thursday, EBD at drama and BBD at swimming ( Glory Be there is a God, she the very last of my offspring is FINALLY on level bloody 12) they are at least 20 mins drive apart, so EBD gets dropped of early for drama and I drive as fast as traffic allows to get BBD to swimming lessons, I have to take the beautiful son with me as at 11 he can't be left home alone, this really pisses him off as he knows the computer is free for his runescape habit but instead he has to drive halfway round the city and then wait at the side of the pool for BBD to finally pass level bloody 12. Welcome to my world sonny !!

Today add into the mix the beautiful son getting picked for the school rugby team and playing in a tournament necessitating being picked up at 3.30 pm, the same time as BBD needs picking up from school, this is acheived by me driving to collect TBS and EBD walking to school to collect BBD. His team didn't do too well drew 2 and lost 2 but this rugby malarky gives me the opportunity of commenting on the performance of my son the hooker, words I never thought I'd say or type !!!!!!! He was fabulous and I was very proud.

Also to add to my joy, I had to be at a parents consultation for EBD with my first appointment at 4pm, needless to say the rugby overran and I had to get another mummy to bring TBS home as I had to leave just before the end so I could prove that I really am supermummy and I cope really well on my own to get to EBD 's school. EBD had really great reports but is shockingly bad at algebra, not helped by being totally distracted by 2 mad male pals of hers who sit directly behind her, incidentally she is not having such a distracting effect on them as their marks are way better.

Parents consultation over, rushed home to make tea and then the usual mad dash swimming drama run. Go to pick up EBD's friend as I do the taking and the other mummy does the collecting, and friend not there, gone to parents evening. Realisation dawns that I will have to do both the taking and the collecting and sadness befalls me, I am so looking forward to lying prone on the sofa with a nice glass of (this week I will be drinking mostly...............) Kumala Zenith Vintage 2005 Merlot Pinotage Shiraz. It's very nice, on offer at Sainsbury's half price at the mo. Not as yummy as Oyster Bay Merlot but not too shabby.

Eventually, all the taking and bringing back becomes a blur as I enjoy my nice big glass of the red stuff and I don't mind Thursdays so much now..........

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