Friday 13 July 2007

Endings and beginnings

The Beautiful Baby Daughter has finished primary school, how old does that make me feel ? Never mind that she's only 10, that's the 3 school system for you. I was 12 when I went to high school and like all old ladies, I think everything was better in my day. In September she will join The Beautiful Son at middle school, and I cannot really convey to you his deep and profound joy at having his "tell mummy everything" little sister being with him, to help him behave in what she deems an appropriate way.

Also you can imagine Beautiful Eldest Daughter's deep and profound joy at being joined at her school by me ! As from September I will be teaching A level Health and Social Care part time at her school, I will get to know quite a lot of what is currently a mystery to me. Now there will be staff bulletins, staff meetings and me just generally being around....... excuse me while I throw back my head and laugh like a muskateer, oh what fun I'm going to have !!! All the " no one really bothers if your course work is late" and the " no one really goes to form time" type stuff is coming to an end.

Today I'm off to The Beautiful House with The Beautiful Children for a 2 week holiday, and I am conscious that next year BED will be 16 and may not want to come on holiday with us. This makes me conscious of how near it is for her to leave home and start her own adult life and of how much I will miss her when she goes. I can't believe how quickly the years have flown. I've no idea what next years summer holiday will bring but I await the next chapter with interest.

So, here's something I never say don't text me please, it costs me 30p to receive them and 48p to reply, I love you all dearly but after 6pm tonight I am officially incommunicado. Of course feel free to bombard me with love messages until 6pm but after that quiet please and I'll be back on the 28th July.


lisa q. said...

another similarity girl! i teach at the high school my beautifulbabydaughter just graduated...she's so happy to be going to college and being in a school where i'm not! :P

have a fabulous holiday!

Helena said...

I'm dreading my youngest growing up! Even my older son mentioned that if his music and broadcasting course at college goes to plan he'll be moving to Glasgow in a couple of years as it's Paisley University he'd be attending! It was like a punch in the stomach to hear that!

I'm sure you'll be popular at BBD's school!!

redsmom94 said...

Hope your time off is wonderful! I'll be sure to come back & read about it.

Anonymous said...

Hope ya have a wonderful time till the 28th. Me has prolly missed ya already but that what happens when there such a difference in the time. Blah to time.

Oh, yer EBD is NOT gonna like it at all with you teaching at the same school she in. Me just thinks it wonderful and is laufing like a jackass at the thought. As for yer boy well he wouldnt be an ''older brother'' if he didnt tattle on EVERYTHING his baby sister did now would he. It got me laughing like a fool but me feels for yer baby girl. **HUGS** for her.

Have fun and dont forget me tagged ya. So sometime around the 28th???? LOL.........Ya doesnt have to do it if ya doesnt wanna.. Not all people like meme's. LOL ;) ;)

Anonymous said...

Gwen~~sorry me got that mixed up........YOU tagged me not the other way around............**slaps self silly** LOL

lisa q. said...

i miss you gwen! hope you're having too much fun! :P