Monday 9 July 2007

No dial tone

Last Wednesday or Black Wednesday as it will be forever known, we lost our internet connection. When you tried to log on, the message flashed up, no dial tone. I don't think I can convey to you the extreme terror and pain this has caused in our house. Beautiful eldest daughter has suffered the most as she has also no credit left on her phone and cannot text people, her poor fingers don't know what to do with themselves, it's like they're on holiday. I am absolutely sure that some people can withdraw from feckin heroin easier than BED having no virtual connection to people. She really cannot be by herself, she either has the matey boys within a 2 feet radius or she's on msn or texting.

I also have missed it, no emails or blogs but have a lovely morning in front of me now with all my catching up. Whilst I have been offline, I have been tagged by Lisa, the ubertalented over at 40 's singleness and my mission as I have chosen to accept is to provide you with some random facts about me. I also have to post the following rules

1 If you're tagged, you must post the rules

2 You post your 8 random facts

3 At the end of your blog, you tag someone else and they must post their random facts

4 You leave your chosen people a comment telling them they've been tagged

Okay, random facts

I love getting text messages and emails

I don't like pets - my poor children would love a rabbit or a dog, but selfishly I won't get them one

I don't eat meat, fish, poultry or eggs. If it had a mother or a face I avoid eating it.

I cry really easily

I have never been unfaithful

I am a bit obsessive about getting my laundry dried outside and hate using my tumble drier

I would love to go to Glastonbury or any big music festival but know I would struggle with the mud and the toilet facilities

I was a prefect at school despite being a punk

Okay, I will tag



The Beautiful Man

I won't tag the Edge as he hates these ( see what a considerate friend I am ! ) and I can't tag Lisa as she's already done hers. I can't be clever and link you to their blogs but if you look for their comments on mine and click on them, that'll take you to them. I'll let TBM post on mine.


lisa q. said...

yikes! i hate to even think what would happen around here if we had no internet or texting capabilities! i'm sure the whole world would end! :D

love your random facts! i love texts and emails too...i get so excited when my cell makes that fun little 'you have a new text' noise! :P

Helena said...

I'm still giggling at the thought of those fingers being on holiday! I'm amazed at the way teenagers communicate on msn, too! It's like some alien language with speckles of emoticons in between!

And I love being tagged. I'll tell Edge he can't perform on stage on the 27th without filling in a tagged sheet, first!

Neil said...

Cheers for that doll.

Respectfully, Edge

Lena - You know fine well that any contractual documentation should go through our lawyers. Just you concentrate on sorting out the whole blue smarties thing...

Mansecat said...

I know you are happy to be back on line...

10 random facts about me...some you know, some you don't and some i rarely admit to...

1 I was in the movie Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade.

2 Every other saturday through the winter I sit in seat 252, row AA, block P2 in the Doug Ellis stand at villa park, and forget about everything else in my life for 90 minutes.

3 I will not read books that have been read by someone else beforehand....

4 I still like the Canadian rock band from the 70s and 80s, Rush. I have all their albums, have read books written by band members, own various dvds and will be seeing them again this October, but if anyone asks I will lie that I am away on business.

5 My parents live on a boat

6 I am entered for Ironman Lanzarote on May 24th 2008...and am already nervous

7 My first gig was Thin Lizzy at the Manchester Free Trade Hall in December 1977

8 My bithday is 12th August, coincidentally this is the start of the grouse shooting season...

9 My definition of "sport" excludes darts, gymnastics, synchronised swimming, diving and anything that involves killing animals..

10 The next gig I am going to is Reverend & The Makers at The Soundhaus in Northampton, this Saturday...

PS Cinderella one day you shall go to the Glastonbury ball...

auntiegwen said...

Thank you
Lisa, for starting it all off, unlike my matey boy Edge I don't mind being tagged at all

Lena, for joining in

Edge, for texting me cos you know I like it

to Lena and Edge , sorry I can't be with you on the 27th but I will be in Turkey with TBC

Mansecat - aka - The Beautiful Man

Quite a lot there you haven't fessed up to, isn't there sweetie ?

I accept the football and the book thing which you know my views on

but Rush ? ? how do you know that's not a deal breaker ?

just as well you make up for it in other ways, and thanks for the ammunition, hours of fun I'm going to have with this ......