Monday 2 July 2007

Self absorbed, who, my daughters ?

This is a word for word text message I received from Beautiful Eldest Daughter -

" I'm in office ( for Newfie and Lisa , it's the name of a shoe shop), the shoes I can't have make me want to cry, I love you "

Glad to see the state of the economy, global warming, all the poverty, hunger and war in the world aren't troubling you too much then, honey.

Transcript of discussion between Beautiful Baby Daughter and I earlier today

BBD - what's for tea?

AG - pasta

BBD - I hate pasta, you are a remakably mean mummy if you make me eat it

AG - (after laughing uncontrollably for a bit) sweetie, you used to like pasta

BBD - people's tastes change - then a pause where she is thinking of playing the DIVORCE card, (she plays dirty in an argument), then thinks better of it, but looks pointedly at me and I know exactly what she's thinking

AG - pasta's good for you and we all like it except you

BBD - you wouldn't make Lara eat chicken

AG - Lara's a vegetarian, it's not the same thing

BBD - I'm a pastatarian, so you can't make me eat it

AG - I am making pasta for tea and you will eat it

BBD - It's your fault I don't like pasta, you made me, so you made me not like pasta

AG - Don't worry, honey I know everything's my fault

BBD - You're grounded

Not for nothing is she also known as Little Miss Last Word, and she always has to be right, so I can't quite decide whether my BBD will end up either running the country or in jail. It's a close call.
Whilst this argument was in full flow I was emailing someone who I felt would be giving me a little sympathy but all I got was " well done for raising such a determined and influential young lady, I am soooo proud of you " , again darling, thank you for your understanding , just remember you might need my sympathy at some point !!!!

Whilst I've been blogging this, BBD has taken matters into her own hands and has very quietly raided the freezer and has made her own dinner, a true culinary delight of cocktail sausages that were left over from Xmas and oven chips !!!! Game,set and match to her.

Okay, it's official, she'll be running the country by the time she's 12 !!!


lisa q. said...

haha...girl you definitely have your hands full! if it's any consolation at all my beautifulbabydaughter used to have an attitude much like that...thank the good lord she seems to have grown out of it! :P

so you're coming to the states when??? hehe :D

Anonymous said...

ROFLMFFAO.. Sorry, but from the words of TG me got told me was grounded too. Wanna know why?? Cuz me was going to a Fantasia Party. ROFL. ME, yes ME, shy little ole ME, is gonna go out to a party. To look at NOT buy. Me understands yer pain.

When me Regan was about that age she had quite the mouth on her too. But that turned out sad then sorta happy then kinda sad again. Me just want her to grow up and smarten up.

You has me symphathies and here's some {{HUGGGGGGGGGGS}} from Hell, Ontario ;) ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, me forgot to tell ya. Everything is and always be our fault. We brought them into this world remember?? So says me own BBD. To quote her: ''Did I ask to be born?? NOOOOOOOO'' That makes everything our fault and since we are mum's we will be forever blamed. Then we get payback when they have their own. Spoil their babies silly and send um home to the kids. TEETEETEE. :D:D:D:D

redsmom94 said...

Hi, I came over her from NW's blog.

This sounds like a conversation that could happen at my house... The Redhead doesn't always like (or thinks she doesn't like) what I make for supper sometimes and complains about it. I tell her she's welcome to find anything else in the entire kitchen to make for herself. 90% of the time, she eats what I made.

Helena said...

lol Bet BBD would be a match for ANY Iron Lady! But girls are better at the last word game than the lads! I still win!

auntiegwen said...

Thank you ladies,

Newfie I'm guessing a Fantasia party is like an Ann Summers party over here, you get yourself a toy, girl !!!

Redsmom, thank you, I'll have a try with that