Sunday 16 September 2007

Four glass Friday

On Friday it was The Beautiful Friend Jo's birthday. She was 43 candles old ( sorry sweetie). In honour of this auspicious occasion , we decided to stir our stumps, leave the conservatory sofas ( where we spend most of our evenings together) and go out - into the real world, with people, to a bar !!!

Off we pop to Dos Hernandos, a niceish, localish bar, where incidentally we went last September, that's how often we go to bars. It was really busy and I endeared myself to all the men in the vicinity as I cheered on South Africa as they humped England at rugby.

During the course of the evening, several men meandered over to talk to us. We find this strange as neither of us are very good at talking to men, Jo because she's been married for 10 years and they stopped speaking in about 1999 and me because I hate people mimicking my accent and that seems to happen a lot in England.

At close of play, I had been offered several drinks, a lift home and 2 offers of dinner. I wasn't even wearing my impulse spray. Now, is that because men are like buses and they all arrive at once or is it because when I told them I wasn't interested because I'm already with someone, they felt the need to chase ?

When I looked round that bar, I noticed all the men my age were talking to girls several years their junior and yep, you've guessed it, everyone who chatted me up was in their 20's , youngest aged just 20 and the oldest aged 26 !!! I've got tea towels older than that.

I did however pay for my night of the 4 glasses as I was sick several times, setting a beautiful example to my 15 year old daughter. The next day I had to dispatch the matey boys to buy me ibuprofen which being the sweeties they are they did. Matt and Alex, cheif matey boys even made me a Happy Hangover card to cheer me up too.

So, I've been out into the big world and it was interesting but I'll stick to the conservatory sofas for the time being, much more me.


lisa q. said...

ah girl they love to chase! i had my four glass friday on saturday with the same results...although i'm pretty sure it was more than four...can't get the cats to go out for ibuprofen so it looks like i'm going to have to make my way times! :D

Poetess said...

Its all coming back to me.

I gave it up as a bad job too.


Squirmy Popple said...

I think men like the thrill of trying to get with a woman who's already taken. It's a bit strange, but then again men are a bit strange.

Helena said...

Gwen, it can take just a few glasses these days to give me the heave, too. But good on ya's for the toy-boy attention!

I was chatting up a really good looking younger male on the bus the other day! He was only 8 months old - but he never took his eyes off me and smiled, drooled and talked incoherently the whole time! Something like my first date did actually.

Belated wishes to Jo!

Gwen said...

It always seems to be girls who are taken who are chatted up. Apparently they just know if you are single. It's like a sixth sense.

auntiegwen said...

Lisa, hope you're feeling better now

Poetess - very wise

Katie - I am trying to train The Beautiful Son into a human to help his future girlfriends

Lena - that just like a Tuesday at work for me, where I get to kiss and squish babies all day long, I love Tuesdays

Gwen - ain't that the truth !