Thursday 6 September 2007

How others see you

Last week I started my new job teaching Health and Social Care. I am teaching on the Btech ( with 15 year olds) and the AS level ( 16 and 17 year olds) and A level ( 18 year olds). The way the timetabling is done is that I have each group for a double lesson 1 per week, the rest of the time they have other teachers.

My Btech group are doing a module on communication, so because they didn't know me last week it was a good way to teach them about the way you communicate depends on what you think of the person you're communicating with, how you can stereotype people and make assumptions, and how you mentally pigeonhole people quickly to form your first impression. I asked them to have a look at me and to write down what they thought about me, what did they think my life was like ? including things like

was I married
did I have children
where was I from
was English my first language
what hobbies
did I drive
what car
what did I do before teaching
what do I drink

What a laugh we had, most people thought I was married but that my children were young, no one thought I had 3, a few were stunned to find out who's mummy I was ! , lots of the class thought I was Irish and not Scottish, nearly all thought I was sporty and 1 girl thought I played competitive netball. They were nearly all on the money in saying I liked shopping, one boy had me as a reader and another had me as a very keen cook !!! Oh, how my family wish that were true. They all thought I drove, I had a range of Fiats, hatchbacks, a honda jazz and a mini cooper, again if only that were true. Most people thought I had always been a teacher but 2 thought I used to be an estate agent. No one guessed the red wine, lots of white wine and spritzers, a few vodka s and slimline tonics and no one had me as a Starbucks addict.

The best bit of all was the age, the oldest guess I got was 40, most had me early to mid 30 s but the youngest one put me at 28.

I love my Btech group.


lisa q. said...

too much fun! sounds like something my students would enjoy! :P

Gwen said...

How excellent that someone thought that you were 28. That alone would have made my day.

Helena said...

It's amazing what impressions we conjure up from limited information. On meeting some camera shy friends from a music forum for the first time, my mental images of them weren't even close to what they really looked like!

I love your Btech group for you too, Gwen!

auntiegwen said...

Thanks ladies, but remember when you're 15 anyone over 20 is ancient, so I could be 28, 38 or 48, they still think I'm a relic !!

Poetess said...

Enjoyed this post


Anonymous said...

Glad yer 15 year olds was fun. Now how about the 18 year olds that know everything? LOL