Wednesday 19 September 2007

Let me enjoy it

The rugby world cup is making me very happy at the moment. Scotland have won both their games despite not always playing tremendously well. Chris Patterson is kicking beautifully. Dan Parks is simply simply gorgeous. Rory Lamont is also not too shabby. England got humped by South Africa, all good. Please let me enjoy our little victories.

On Sunday I will be back to reality when we face the mighty All Blacks. There is a part of me that wants Frank Hadden to play his best team and for us to really really try and Inshallah, beat them, the old Scotland the Brave type stuff. I know there has been some talk of sending out a squad that doesn't include our best players. Then reality sets in and I want the best team to be facing Italy as I really hate the Italians and I know it's not very pc of me to say it but nothing would give me greater pleasure than to beat the Italians, well, maybe beating England would be on a par with it.

I know that I will be watching on Sunday from behind a cushion, that is unless Frank gives me a call, I reckon I could get a game, The Beautiful Son is all ready and waiting for his call up too.


lisa q. said...

haha...enjoy the victory girl! i'll throw up a "Go Scotland" on Sunday...damn Italians anyway! hehe! :D

Poetess said...

I would watch from behind a cushion too but that is only because I cannot stand the physical side of the sport. how they don't get hurt every game I do not know.


Gwen said...

I will also be cheering on Scotland!! Enjoy the game.

Helena said...

My ex-husband was a keen rugby fan and I can remember going with him to a France v Scotland match at Murrayfield. Scotland won and I remember the atmosphere in the pub afterwards was astounding.

I'll be rooting for Scotland, for you, too! Even if I did miss Corrie one Friday evening! lol

auntiegwen said...

New Zealand 40 - Scotland 0

Could have been a lot worse !!!!