Wednesday 5 December 2007

Cynicism, thy name is Gwen

I've had a busy old week, what with work, weans and just general life really. And that's without mentioning the C word.

A few things have made me laugh this week, as follows

Seen written in dirt on the back of a transit van in Birmingham - " This van is called Mohammed"

Written in magnetic words on my kitchen door - " Teachers are pooey brown butt wipes " nice to be insulted in your own kitchen by your own offspring isn't it ?

and finally the pick of the bunch, taken from The Sunday Times

The Madness of King Alex

It has cost THOUSANDS of pounds and months of hard work, but at last Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond, has unveiled a new tourism slogan to replace the old "Best small country in the world" tag line.
The new catchphrase has been variously described as "stunning", "astonishing" and "showing what a modern, vibrant and successful country Scotland is". The slogan?
" Welcome to Scotland"

Well feck me, they obviously had the keenest minds and brightest talents on double time to produce that one, eh? How did they come up with that ? No wonder the English think we'll never manage without them in the glorious post Devolution Caledonia that has Salmon salivating.

Is it just me or does the Scottish "waste of tax payers feckin money" Parliament fiasco spring into anyone elses mind ?


indigo16 said...

Love the transit van name, love to see him drive round Whitechapel. Also mirror your love of the Scotland rugby team, way the best looking bunch and ditto Dougie Henshall. Thankyou for visiting. only a fellow teacher could understand the horror of the following numbers, 8,9,7,10,& 8 I hate Thursdays..

lisa q. said...

kids huh? haha...thanks for the morning laugh gwen! :D

Gwen said...

I'm sure I (or for that matter just about anyone else in Scotland) could have come up with something a lot better for Alex. I wouldn't have charged him that much either. Perhaps they gave the task to a Work Experience Student or something.

Squirmy Popple said...

Yeah, I was pretty shocked when I heard that slogan. I actually liked "Best small country in the world."

auntiegwen said...


I feel your pain


great to see how teachers are viewed all over the world


you're not wrong


I liked it too