Tuesday 18 December 2007

Spoke too feckin soon

I am so fed up and pissed off I am frightening people. You know that sign that says " I have pmt and a gun, any more questions ?" that pretty much sums up how I look at the moment.

Me and my big fat useless Scottish gob. I've brought it on myself. Remember that smug and happy tone of the last post ? Well, it's come back to bite me big time.

I have had to go back into work to do some cover.

My students have resubmitted their marked work for an upgrade therefore I have to remark.

My children are being truly and unbelievably horrible to each other and so so selfish, I am ashamed of them, where did I go wrong ? they were not brought up like that.

I have in no way, shape or form even made a dent in my xmas shopping. I had started but Amazon sent me the wrong stuff and now I have to go buy it and go to the post office to return the wrong stuff. I still have to do the big xmas food shop and that will have to be done on xmas eve and that just makes me want to cry.

I have no time between now and coming home to write and post cards so for the 2nd year running I am not sending any.

My long awaited night alone with himself so did not go to plan, it's fair to say that we both had a horrible weekend.

Christmas, you can keep it

Ho feckin ho


Neil said...

I feel your pain. Time to share a glass of the red stuff I think when you're back in the mother country...

DAB said...

Open a bottle of wine and stuff your face with a family size tin of chocolates.. works for me... TFX

lisa q. said...

ah girl i'm sorry...it's just and moment in time and it will pass...soon we'll be reading 'reasons to be cheerful, part 2'...definitely get that wine bottle opened! :P

auntiegwen said...

Thank you for your very kind comments. I feel loved now xx

indigo16 said...

I ended up marking 40 GCSE observational studies on the last day of term, whilst the rest indulged the kids in a staff panto. Solve your Xmas card problem by sticking a photo on your blog and telling friends and family to copy paste and print it, youll save a fortune in postage alone! Then find a strict Muslim who wont allow so much as a bloody bauble in the house and I promise you will go running home full of festive spirit, alternatively just fill up on the spirit.Works for me.