Friday 14 December 2007

Reasons to be cheerful part 1

I am now officially finished teaching for the Christmas Break

I am finished marking Glory Be To God

My Christmas tree is up and I have my Crabtree and Evelyn Noel Xmas candle, lamp oil and room spray in use, that smell means Xmas to me and mine

I am coming home to The Mother Country to see The Beautiful Parents

My Beautiful Children have taken a small break from the undercover work of Satan and have temporarily stopped trying to drive each other mental

I am going to see The Beautiful Man today

The Beautiful Man and I have no, I repeat, NO children to look after tonight and up until tea time tomorrow

The Beautiful Man and I will be in his house completely alone for the first time in 2 months

Again, The Beautiful Man and I will be completely alone tonight

My life is soooooooooooooooooo good


DAB said...

Enjoy your freedom ;-) TFX

Gwen said...

Have a wonderful time - sounds like you will do.

lisa q. said...

yay! you are indeed a lucky girl gwen! enjoy! :P

Helena said...

Wonderful! You sound so happy, Gwen!

I've not tutored much this year but I still got an invite to the Xmas do! The council ain't as miserable as I paint them!lol

And talking of's a night in WITHOUT McScrooge I'm looking forward, too!