Wednesday 30 January 2008

Tag, I'm it

Apologies to Tom Foolery and Poetess who both tagged me last week, just haven't been around blogland to do this, unlike some of my friends, I don't mind being tagged at all, so here we go

Okay, 6 non important habits or quirks about myself

1. I drink my coffee in the biggest mugs I can find, my very favourite is the venti Starbucks mugs, I have 2 venti size, 2 grande size and 1 tall size (the grande and tall size were bought for me, do these people not know me at all !)

2. I love getting text messages, it makes me so happy

3. I always have a scented candle burning somewhere in the house every day, winter it's Crabtree and Evelyn Noel, summer I like After the Rain by Arran Aromatics, Multiples by The Pier or Natural Cotton from M and S

4. I only like 1 colour of flowers in a vase, preference is always for white, if I'm bought flowers of different colours I will put them in different vases in different rooms.

5. I have worn the same 2 perfumes for years, I get disproportionately cross if my friends then wear them. DKNY woman and Jo Malone Lime, Basil and Mandarin cologne, people really do associate me with these 2 scents

6. My lip gloss addiction is sad and unbefitting a woman my age, day to day is Sexy Mother Pucker, shade nude by Hope and Glory, summer is the blue one from Benefit (makes your teeth very white when you're tanned) evening is Full Potential in Blackberry by Clinique.

Now I'm supposed to tag some others and do something clever and attach a link to other people s blogs. Now I am extremely technophobic, truly dreadful, I can't even begin to do this so I will ask very politely that if you would like to do this on your own blog or do this on the comments on mine, please be my guest, I'd love to hear your little quirks and foibles. As always, The Edge, you are exempt as you hate this.


Karen said...

I wear the same perfume all the time too (Happy, Clinique) and if anyone asks what it is, I go all vague and pretend I can't remember :o)

DAB said...

Thanks for doing the tag. I'm with you on No 1 the bigger the better. TFx

Anonymous said...

I don't 'hate' it... I'm just private about my lip gloss preferences...

auntiegwen said...

Karen - I promise I won't steal it

TF - oh yes, size IS important

Edge - very wise, esp with the beard, good luck for Friday x

Anonymous said...

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