Thursday 27 March 2008

The Mother Country

I wish I could do something clever and blast you out a bit of prime Scottish music to signify that I am in The Mother Country. Had a really good journey today and when I crossed the border into Gretna Green the sun was shining, always so good to be home.

My gadget mad dad has bought yet another wide screen tv and this one is ENORMOUS, he has also bought a laminator( porqoui ?) but the most bizarre purchase of all is ( in the interests of fairness I don't know who is responsible, it could be either one of my mad parents) they have bought a mirrored toilet seat !

No, I had no idea that such things existed either, is there a site called or or ?

I did ask why (after being fairly startled on a visit to the loo) and I was told it was chrome and was to match the other accessories. well, fair enough.

I am going to take a photo of this toilet seat and post it at a later date as I don't have a camera connection whojaflip with me at my mammy's.

Glasgow ex European city of culture, now home of the mirrored toilet seat, it's great to be home


DAB said...

Love it, I want one! TFX

Anonymous said...

A MIRRORED TOILET SEAT????????? Goodness, what will they come up with next????? lol lol Glad yer having a good time in The Mother Country. ;) Enjoy yerself and have fun

lisa q. said...

OMG! what weirdness! i had no idea such crazy things existed!

Karen said...

My mum went mad and re-married in Gretna Green some years ago. She spoke very highly of the place :o)

Looking forward to seeing the mirrored toilet seat. I think. They didn't buy it from Lakeland then...?

Squirmy Popple said...

Enjoy your trip!

auntiegwen said...

thank you all ladies, I am tres tres sad as I'm back in England and it's raining !!!!

Shirley said...

You, girl, are a master of mental imagery!