Monday 12 January 2009

Meet The Weans...part trois

Beautiful baby Daughter

My wee sweetie scone was 12 in October, starsign Libra but really and truly should be a fiery Scorpio, she was early, as all my children were, thoughtful of them, mind you they've never been early for anything since. All of them should have been a different starsign, EBD def is an Aries and TBS is so much more like a Cancerian.

Is very artistic and creative, has always drawn, collaged, painted and created things, no idea where that came from but she has always loved that kind of thing. She also loves Brain Training and Sudoko. Loves Trampolining too, she is always doing something.

Is the most generous and caring wee thing, she sent me a text message at work the other day saying text me when you're 5 minutes away, so I did and when I got home I found she's got a fleecy throw for the sofa and made me a huge mug of coffee and toasted me a cinnamon and raisin bagel as she knew it was a day I didn't get a lunchbreak. How kind and thoughtful is she ?

She is the fussiest eater in the world, and would live on Heinz tomato soup and chips and chocolate if you'd let her. When she goes to friends houses I am told she will eat anything, isn't that annoying when that happens ? Annoying being the polite term for it. Loves hot chocolate but no whipped cream. Is turning into a shopper extrordinaire like her sister. Is a bit addicted to Build a Bear. Claire's accessories is a big fave too. If she has money, she has to spend it.

Usually comes as a package deal, either you get her and a friend, quite often Emily or Isobel and Joanna, or she's at their house, it's pretty good as they are all fab wee girls, I hope their mothers don't mind. These friends in particular are so easy to have around, it's really like they're part of the family, the house can be messy and you don't need to do anything to entertain them, they just toddle along and fit in, mind you, their Mothers are pretty awesome women who are good friends of mine too, I couldn't have got through the last few years without Susan and Christina, the tears of mine they've dried .

Is the only child of mine who can get up in the mornings, I'm not saying she's good but she can actually get out of bed. She has a lovely collection of fleecy pyjamas and the moment I wake her up and snuggle and cuddle her in her bed is my favourite moment of the day, it's just like having her as a baby again, she still looks really young when she's asleep. Still continues to suck her thumb despite all bribes (including a pet) if she gives up, she has her thumb in pretty much at all times, only takes it out to talk and eat.

Will never admit she is wrong and will have an answer for everything hence her nickname of Little Miss Last Word, also is known as Pussy Cat and Tootsie MacFluff, she could debate for Scotland and talks non stop. Can never let anything go, keeps persisting, it can be extremely tiring. She thinks she will make me change my mind by keeping talking till my ears bleed, she is wrong, she has tried for a decade to get a pet, she loves all animals, we remain pet free, when Mummy says no, she means no, yes I know I can be a remarkably mean Mummy. BBD is still trying to change my mind, I have a sneaky suspicion she will still be asking me when she's 25. She really thinks she is the Mummy in the house, she has very firm and strict views on things.

Works incredibly hard at school, is ferociously bright, far too clever for us. Loves to help me with work, especially making me powerpoint presentations. Before Christmas made a fantastic gapped handout on cells for my year 10's ! Will almost certainly become a teacher, before becoming a headmistress and then will become Prime Minister. She will achieve anything she sets her mind to, has a tremendous force of will and did not inherit the can't be arsedness gene I have passed on to Eldest Beautiful Daughter and The Beautiful Son.

Loves music and dancing, will perform as many shows as you will watch in a day, gave up ballet which made me sad, she was very good and all right she looked very beautiful in a tutu, EBD also gave up, she was desperate, no co ordination whatsoever but did look nice, see decorative not functional. BBD also has a lovely singing voice, another thing she didn't inherit from her mother. Has a different taste in music than us likes Girls Aloud and Take That, but likes The Killers too.

Is also very like me in temperament and also in looks. She is not as dark as EBD and I but if I posted photos of me, EBD and BBD as small girls it is uncanny. She showed her dad a photo of her sister when she was 2 pretending it was her and he didn't notice. Has the most glorious glorious hair and hates it, in the summer it gets the most fantastic titian highlights and all she wants to do is cut it off, it gets very tuggy and she hates that. It really is her crowning glory and photos never do the colour justice but she doesn't like it.

So my little baby, growing up and needing me less in some ways but more in others. She is enthusiastic and really throws herself into things. Is very sensitive and takes things far too much to heart. Where would I be without her ? she completes our family just perfectly and she is loved. Much loved and I hope she always has her tremendous zest for life and that heart of hers which is huge and open to all.


Mean Mom said...

My eldest son always had to have the last word, even if it didn't necessarily make sense. Don't have pets. I caved in, when my husband kept out of the argument and gave me no support. (He wanted pets, too!) I reminded him of this, when everyone lost interest in the daily care of them etc, so he feeds them, these days and I cuddle them and stuff!

Beautiful baby Daughter sounds like a joy. I hope that your close relationship continues forever.

How wonderful to have a bright child who can help you with your homework. ;0)

candoor said...

you seem to write a lot... i like that... except when i do not like the fact that i write a lot and wonder if writing a lot is not such a good thing for me, but most of the time i love writing a lot, so most of the time i like finding people who write a lot...

if that makes sense, then i might not be sleeping at the moment, in spite of the hour :)

Tim Atkinson said...

What a wonderful trio! Must make you very, very proud, AG!

Anonymous said...

What a beautifully sweet child! You are a lucky mummy!

Nota Bene said...

Can I swap your three for my one they all sound fabulous...the thought of coming home to a toasted bagel and coffee is deeply jealous making.

On the pet about sponsoring an animal at the zoo..a friend of the boy's has just sponsored a llama, and that seems to have satisfied her pet craving. Just £25, and no vets bills.

Laura said...

Can't belive she likes Tomato soup! Evil,Evil stuff

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I see a future for BBD, Beautiful Auntie Gwen, when you can hire her out as a consultant to weary parents, to counsel on how to put right unruly teenagers like my Grizzler and also Nota Bene's!

You have wonderful children, thank you for writing so wonderfully about your WCs!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

A very fitting end to meet the weans! I must be so very interesting that they are all so different and yet from the same gene pool. She sounds terrific and probably the one you will worry about the least as she goes out into the world.

Your turn next eh? Can't wait!

DAB said...

Ahhh she looks and sounds sweet. Buy her a pet you mean Scottish woman you! ;-) TFx

auntiegwen said...

i think tom foolery is right i would like a hamster pretty please with a cherry on the top
love from
bbd x

Mom/Mum said...

What wonderful wonderful kids you have dear auntie. You must be so very prould and it's testimount to you having done a brilliant job raising them so far.

auntiegwen said...

MM - she is currently in her bedroom having a tantrum because she can't have chip shop chips for tea ! she has been wailing now for at least 10 minutes, I have texted her dad asking him to distract her by phoning her

Candoor - oh I'm always wittering on about something

Tim - at times, when I'm not too knackered surviving

Lisa - mostly she is very sweet but when she's cross, like at this present time, she's very cross

NB - even today when she is very very cross with me, I still wouldn't swap her ! nothing like a parents love is there ???

Lolly - we all love Heinz tomato soup !

Awoni - self indulgence to the extreme !

Mob - that is the most amazing thing of all, we, by and large, did everything the same, routines, discipline, love but all of them completely different, fascinating stuff eh ?

TF - no fear ! I know who'd be lumbered with the care

Mom/mum - they are pretty special

A Confused Take That Fan said...

oK, I have spent the last hour on your blog. My favourite posts ever. Love them, love your family. Now I need to go give mine some attention and love...
Thanks for sharing with us. I hope they enjoyed reading them too

auntiegwen said...

ACTTF - she did love hers but then got upset as her brother and sister got more comments than her, she is competitive, only 1 of the 3 to inherit that gene !

scrappysue said...

so your BBD and my miss 12 are one month apart, altho i think mine should have been a libra? another lovely tribute to your weans!

auntiegwen said...

Sue - It's strange to see your baby grow up isn't it ? I can honestly still see her as a tiny though