Friday 28 January 2011

Well, that was January

I think I've mentioned before that I don't enjoy driving. I will now clarify this point by stating quite clearly if I never had to drive again, not a bother would be on me. I should have thought about the driving before I agreed to take a job that necessitated me covering 5 counties and spending on average 4 hours a day in my car.

My January has been filled with driving.

Rush hour stuck in traffic type driving.

Getting to places so far away on tiny rural roads that my sat nav keeps going off in a huff because she thinks I'm ignoring her and driving in a field type driving.

Leaving so early Chris Moyles isn't on the radio driving.

Getting stuck behind a tractor and driving at 16 miles an hour and not being able to overtake as it's a 1 track road with a ditch filled with water on either side type driving.

Constantly stressing about whether or not I'll get there on time driving.

I am truly worn out. And my teeth have been ground down to stumps. I am in flitters.

This is part of the reason for my pitiful, hardly managing a post per week blogging.

On a cheerier note, my blog was 4 this month.

4 years of me getting my say. Amazing.

These last 4 years have seen me change jobs a few times, fail to finalise a divorce, moan about my children, fall in and out of lust, see me remain the worlds least romantic woman, hopefully occassionally be happy with my children and read quite a lot of your blogs.

Some of the blogs I read and loved 4 years ago have gone, I've added some new blogs to read and love. I've been invited in to have a peek at lives all over the globe, some very different and some spookily similar to my own. I have laughed and cried with you both virtually and in real life. I am so massively grateful to blogging.

I hope you've enjoyed a little peek into my world and somewhere along the 4 years I've made you smile, so if you can be arsed, pop by the comments box, even if you don't usually and say hi to your auntie. It's my birthday.


Autumn Mist said...

I totally sympathise with you on the driving, as I don't drive, for all the reasons you've listed (plus I had a feeling if I learned to drive I'd spend my days driving everywhere to drag hubby from various pubs!) Congrats on the four years, tbh I didn't realise blogging had been going that long! Were you in it from the beginning? I do love coming here to read your latest goings-on, so I'm sure you give as much pleasure as you receive from this blogging adventure.

Gigi said...

4 years?! Wow. Congratulations. I've enjoyed getting to know you and peeking into your daily life.

Me? I don't mind driving - unless it's the kind you just described.

Anonymous said...

Happy blogging birthday; I always enjoy reading your post.

And driving? I don't enjoy it, there is no fun or pleasure in driving. I regard it as a necessary evil. I would miss my car if I didn't have one although I suppose if I lived in the centre of town I could probably manage without, especially as I now get my shopping delivered.

Nota Bene said...

Four years old? You don't look a day over 37. Very, very happy blooging birthday. So glad you write such witty stuff and keep me endlessly amused.

PS they should buy you a BMW

Ayak said...

I've never enjoyed driving. It used to be a necessity, but I made a decision about 6 or 7 years ago to never drive again (well you know what driving in Turkey is like?)...and I don't regret it at all.

Happy blogging birthday. I haven't followed you from the beginning but I'm glad I found you. Here's to the next 4 years xx

Elderberry-Rob said...

I do wish I could be a grown up who drives on motorways like you - I don't like driving as I am always worried I will crash or break down (that's because of my job where all I do all day is answer calls for those sort of problems)... I have only been in an 11 mile radius for the last 3 years! I don't know how you have blogged for 4 years - I have run out of things to say already. Congratulations on your 4th anniversary - I find you very funny and you cheer me up plenty. Betty x

Diney said...

Hi Aunty Gwen and happy birthday to yooooou!! I love driving and enjoy turning the volume up on the music and singing, usually out of tune but what the hell, as loudly as I can. Great stress buster. However, I only have about an hour's drive per day, so no competition. My voice may get slightly weakened if I sang for 3 or 4 hours non stop daily!! Hey - 4 years! I usually try and pop in to see what you've been getting up to and always enjoy a great read!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday auntie gwens blog, and thank you for the privilege of a glimpse into your world. Congratulations of the four years and hope you carry on enjoying writing as much as it is enjoyable to read.

About driving, you are so right.

Mac n' Janet said...

Happy Birthday. I'm with you on driving, but we live in an area where if you don't drive you can't get any where there is no public transportation. Traffic isn't too bad, but I moan and groan about the skills of other drivers who seem more interested in their cell phone than the road.

Anonymous said...

Happy (Blogging) Birthday


auntiegwen said...

AM - I think people had been blogging years before me, I was very late to the party :) I think not driving is quite a smart move, well done me dear

Gigi - yeah regular driving is okay it's just work driving I hate

Alienne - yep, a means to an end, sadly I need to do it more and more for my job

NB - to your ps ha ha ha feck off ( said with love, of course x)

Ayak - oh I would never attempt to drive in Turkey, ever ever ever

Betty - I worry about crashing and breaking down every damn day now, I really have to get a grip on it because it'll end up with me developing a real phobia about it xxx

Diney - I hate the drive home so much less, it's the worry of being late and everyone waiting for me to arrive that's my main stress xx

Julie - I used to be fine with it, recently it's had me up to 90 :(

M & J - oh yes, numpties the world over, a huge lorry nearly clipped me yesterday as the driver was texting whilst turning round a roundabout!!!! huge massive thing and I'd have been squished in a second, he didn't even see me

Q - awwh bless you, I was so excited about you commenting because I got to say thank you Q and it rhymed and I giggled, quite a lot. What can I say? I have no life! I have to make my own entertainment

Rarelesserspotted said...

My happy blogging birthdays - your blog is a blessing - always there to raise a smile and a laugh even in rare times in Auntie's life seems a little fraught. You are a joy!

I HATE driving in rush hour - that's my driving turn off

Andy said...

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Your posts make me chuckle
and yer driving does too.

auntiegwen said...

Steve - eeeuurrrghhh rush hour, thats a big definite no likey xxx

Andy - I think you'd find my driving more scary than amusing!

Mrs Worthington said...

Auntie Gwen _ I was beginning to wonder where you were. and now I know - stuck behind the wheel of car. Congrats on your blogging birthday- you are such a trend setter. It was my actual real life birthday this week too so glad I'm in good company. Keep on writing you are a highlight to my week

Laura said...

Well putting aside the fact I can't seem to pass the driving test I hate driving, I don't get what is supposed to be fun about it.

I love your blog and I hope you continue for many more year yet.....however I do wish you would wtite about fruit n nut toblerone.

AGuidingLife said...

hippo bird day two ewes, hippo bird day two ewes, hippo bird day deer ewe, hippo bird day two ewes.

Try classic fm, it's really hard to road rage to...although it is possible to push the off knob inside the stereo after it has annoyed you so much you hit it to turn it off (trust me I know these things!)

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Hi auntiegwen and happy anniversary to your diary, also a highlight of my week too :D I love driving, but not when having to or traffic jams are involved xxx

Sally said...

Happy Birthday.

I married a non-driver and now as a single parent I find I'm always driving (tried talking the 5yo into it but she has no sense of adventure).

I hate driving, too.

Alex said...

Happy Birthday Auntie :)

I`m with Kellogsville on this one.Ditch Glasvegas and belt out some Puccini at full blast.You`ll be amazed at how it transports you away from traffic drudgery.

Don`t know how you managed to keep going for four years.I seem to be leaving it all to Bob recently.!

Anonymous said...

I really like driving and I really like your blog! Happy bloggiversary, and I wish you many more years of joyful blogging. (I would add joyful driving to that, but that might be way too much to ask for!)

Velveteen Rabbit said...

☺ just to let you know I read x

Working Mum said...

Happy Bloggy Birthday!

I couldn't stand that driving either. 20 mins to work and 20mins back is enough for me and sometimes I haven't the patience for that!!

Curry Queen said...

Happy birthblogday! I haven't followed you from the beginning but am glad I've found you now - especially as you are so nice about my humble bloggette! xx
ps the next time you change your car, get an automatic - the lazy (moi) driver's dream...

libby said...

...and long may you reign.....don't stop blogging missy........I hear your pain about the driving...just concentrate on the good things in your life....4 years eh? and I feel like I've known you for ever...xxxx

katyboo1 said...

happy birthday you doyenne of blogging. I totally sympathise with the driving thing. Rubbish. Absolute rubbish.

May you be around in the bloggy world for many more years to come.x

and in real life too, obv.

Shirley said...

I haven't been by in ages, but please don't take it as a personal afront (affront? whatever), my dear AG. Life is just stupid busy, so I barely read my kids' blogs (and have totally given up on mine).

Happiest of Birthday wishes to you, love! Hope it's been special in one or two ways, anyway! <3

Sandi said...

'cough' - clear throat.........
Happy Birthday to you, hapi birfdae 2 U hapi b'da dear Auntieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...e
hapi burfdai 2 ewe o o o.
I LOVE reading your blog, it makes me laugh.
x Sandi
I love driving, but we don't have the little country lanes like you.

Anonymous said...

Wow! 4! Nearly ready to go to big school!! You know I love your blog - helps to know that there are others like me out there! Mae xxx

Troy said...

Gosh, lots of comments (envy, envy) but I'll add mine to congratulate you on 4 years of blogging. Only "joined" a short while ago but I really enjoy reading what you write.
Maybe at some stage you need to change your car to a small sporty model which could bring a smile to your face whilst you're driving? Although being stuck behind a tractor is f'ing tedious whatever you are driving.

Helena said...

Is it really 4 years? Time whizzes. I accidentally deleted my original one around then, too. Which is rotten as it took around 100 posts with it!

Your birthday? No kidding! It was mine on the 27th! My best pressie was one they couldn't wrap. Both my sons' bands played the same venue. I had to go through 'Happy Birthday' twice! Gits!

Belated wishes anyhow, Gwen.

Madame DeFarge said...

Happy belated birthday. I understand about the driving, but have recently tried to get myself back into it, just to avoid sinking into a comfortable state of avoidance. We'll see how it goes.

Anonymous said...

I never comment but always always enjoy your posts! i live in the states but we live remarkable similar inner lives.

Taz said...

Happy blog birthday Auntie Gwen!

Time you had a driver or Chauffeur if you're still allowed to call them that LOL

mannanan said...

Four years of blogging, congratulations. I'm up to about seven on my site now which I try and update every day...Have a skeet here if you'd like

Probably made easier 'cause driving here on the island is a piece of cake. Well it is apart for four weeks of the year when the roads are full of bikes for the TT & Manx GP races....And I do work permanent nights which means only four shifts and the roads are quiet. Four cars here and you have a traffic jam.....Keep up the great work....And here's to plenty more years of blogging...

Mrs Martin said...

As requested - hello there from a new reader - you have made me smile with your lovely blog - thanks for sharing your thoughts. Happy blog birthday.

auntiegwen said...

Mrs W - hope you had an amazing birthday and birthday s*** ahem treat ;)

Lolly - I shall endeavour to write more chocolate porn!

S - I keep buying CD's, it'd be much cheaper to buy an Ipod thingy, see how hip I am with all the modern technological terminology !

LFBS - traffic jams are hideous aren't they ? and they always appear when I'm late xx

Sally - that's the younger generation for you, what's her problem? she can read now can't she? :)

Alex - I love Glasvegas, new album due out :) and if I offloaded the blog to The Beautiful Children can you imagine the stuff they'd tell you about me!!!!

Pinklea - traffic free driving would be grand :) thank you oh fairy godmother

VR - I'm glad xx

WM - yep, that's prob about my limit too

CQ - I love your blog xx and I never even thought about an automatic, it's more about traffic I think

Libs - I know, grand ain't it? xxx

Mrs Boo _ I knew you'd sympathise

Shirley - glad to hear you're still busy, I think busy is good xxx love to your girls

Sandi - yep the wee roads are not so nice when You're in a hurry

Mae - oh yes, the relief of finding out you're not on your own xxx

Troy - thank you a very lovely car would help I think but tractors seem to have been a big pain this month, next month I'm more in cities :)

Lena - you were here right from the beginning, I think I was the very first commenter on your old blog!!!!

Madame - one of my dearest friends who is extemely senior and important has just given up driving, she finds it far too stressful and her life is too busy to have that level of anxiety, I wouldn't blame you in the slightest if you did the same

Anon - hello or howdy and welcome, I sincerely hope your American dysfunction is more glamorous than my British !!!!!

Taz - ooh how lovely would that be :)xx

Mannanan - I will indeed be over to vist, well done you on 7 years :) ps I used to work nights as well, I quite enjoyed it

Mrs M - welcome, glad you joined us x

Pam said...

Happy blogday. You rock.

auntiegwen said...

Pam - thank you muchly, glad you dropped by