Thursday 7 April 2011

In the style of Bridgit Jones

Next weekend we are off on holiday. Nothing like it for motivating you to lose the winter weight, is there? Oh, except people who you're not related to coming with you, that helps too. I have no fear inflicting my flab in a bikini on my children, this year we will have the delights of Hot Boy joining us. I am less keen on letting Hot Boy see my wobbly bits. Never mind, I'm sure the compensation of enough blog fodder to keep me going all year will help.

Anyhoo, I started early, I thought if I gave myself 15 weeks (from after Xmas to Easter hols) I could lose a few stone quite easily. So I cut down, I got out and ran a bit, I gave up chocolate for a few weeeks, absolutely nothing. Not a pound. Bugger.

So because I now have to lose 3 stone by next Friday, this week I upped the ante, oh your auntie was upped, so she was.

On Monday, I went to Zumba for the first time with my friend Eileen, it's a bit like aerobics but with Latiny type music, I walked the 3/4 of a mile there and back and wiggled my wobbly bits for an hour inbetween. Total steps walked (yep, the pedometer's back) 16,000 that's 8 bloody miles. 1 glass of Rose with dinner and 4 chocolates out of EBD's birthday box. How can she be my child and have chocolates left nearly a whole month after her birthday? This probably explains why I need to lose 3 stone and she doesn't need to lose 3 pounds.

On Tuesday, I walked to my kissing squishing baby work and back, total 4 miles plus normal walking around, total of 12,000 steps, no wine and no chocolates, went to bed early to resist temptation. Grumpily.

On Wednesday, I walked around lots while I was training, and when there was a lunch break, I went out and walked then too. Actually bloody ran the 3/4 mile to Zumba, wiggled and wobbled more energetically than on Monday, ran the 3/4 mile back and then went for an hours walk with my friend Christina. No wine and no chocolate, total steps 20,000.

This morning, got up and felt every single one of the 13 muscles in each leg, I can't beleieve there are only 13, I couldn't remember from my nurse training so I googled it, I feel like I have 504 muscles in my legs at least. I stepped on the scales after having a wee and before coffee, no point in adding extra weight, fully expecting to have lost something.

Not a bloody pound. I hate dieting.


AGuidingLife said...

If you exercise hard ( and that all sounds hard) then you have to measure in inches not weight. You replace the fat with toned muscle. You are achieving, you're just meauring the wrong way :) keep it up on holiday you'll be as toned as a toned thing by the time you get back to your jumpers and leggings!

Sueann said...

Dieting is the pits! But you are on the right track...exercise is the key for sure!! Keep it up!! Well done

Mrs Worthington said...

Feck it. Screw the diet. Brown fat looks lovely. walk to the nearest Boots and invest in some fake tan. Knowing Hot Boy he'll probably have some thing about wobbly bits - you watch out

Looking for Blue Sky said...

My scales are broken, maybe yours are too?

Sandi said...

What!!!! Are you sure your scales are working properly. Are your wobbly bits at least less wobbly????
Have a wonderful holiday despite it all and will look forward to Hot Boys antics. You're gonna hate me, we are having home made pizza for dinner. BUT it is all healthy home made stuff, oh and I'm having a glass of wine too.
Thank you for your comment, you were very quick :) and thank you for your confidence in me, at least that's one of us
x Sandi

Gigi said...

I always knew exercise didn't work! ;-)

Good for you Gwen - keep it up. I'm sure your scale is just broken.

Andy said...

Ah your holiday will be great, you have the antics of Hot Boy to keep you amused. Besides, sunshine burns calories. Fact*.

* - I made that bit up.

Nota Bene said...

I am sooooo looking forward to the reports of the holiday...I shall clear my diary so I can spend all day reading and rereading

auntiegwen said...

S - oh no never leggings, the world's not ready for that :)

SueAnn - thank you for your kind words, I've just eaten a packet of crisps though :(

Mrs W - poor Hot Boy, everyone always says how alike myself and EBD are, he's probably looking and thinking Christ I hope she doesn't end up like her mother!!!!

LFBS - yep, maybe mine are 3 stone out, it could happen, right?

Sandi - pizza and wine, my very favourite :)

Gigi - nope I'm bloody hugely ginormous at the mo :(

Andy - now I'm all disappointed, if sunshine made you thinner I'd be Kate Bloody Moss

NB - bless you, do you not get out much?

Mac n' Janet said...

I'm with Mrs. Worthington, tan it and it will look fine. I've been exercising since New Years and I'm in better shape but I've lost very little wait.

diney said...

What a shame - but you will be well toned even though those scales are clearly broken. I love Zumba and have just come back from my class where I just smile (through the sweat and pain) from beginning to end! By the way, muscles weigh a lot you know so you have probably lost fat but not actual weight! Good luck

Elderberry-Rob said...

You could always pretend to have sensitive skin (I had that some years, nasty heat rash) and keep covered up - but then you won't get a tan of course.

libby said...

My God you sound energetic at the moment! You're bloody gorgeous whatever shape...and you know I'm jealous of at least 2 of your wobbly bits....enjoy the holiday, soak up the sun and don't give a hoot for hotboy seeing you practically in the all together..think of it as a gift to him!

Rarelesserspotted said...

You've done vbery well, at least you'll be fitter if not lighter! I wish I could find some motivation. I hope you have a GREAT holiday!

Anonymous said...

You are making me feel really guilty; I should be dieting and exercising but I have done sweet FA all week and have had 2 cream eggs tonight. And a glass of rose.

Good luck, with that effort you deserve to lose something. And have a brilliant holiday

auntiegwen said...

M & J - that'll do me, if my clothes fit I'm happy

Diney - I'm really enjoying zumba and Im not as uncoordinated as I thought

Betty - ah but I like the tan, apparently it makes you look thinner, maybe he and EBD will go to the beach a lot? and leave me beside the pool and the fridge, you can see why I have this prob

Libby - jeez thats some gift, look at you lovely girlfriend and look what she'll turn into - a wibbly wobbly mess

Steve - yep fitter will be just great, I need to be fitter

Alienne - ooh I love the sound of 2 creme eggs and a glass of Rose, yes indeedily deed

PurestGreen said...

Rock those wobbly bits! I too am suspicious of someone who can have leftover chocolate. That's not right. Well done on all your hard work. :)

auntiegwen said...

PG - it's very puzzling that lack of chocolate box guzzling isn't it?

scrappysue said...

and the moral of the story: eat, drink and be merry!!!

Kitty said...

AuntieGwen: You are perfect just the way you are right now, and anyone should be honoured to have you in their presence.
So there.
Kisses from Kitty xxx

Taz said...

Out of respect to my scales and the fact it kept sobbing everytime stood on it I have abstained from standing on them in a while - oh plus it makes me sob too

Anonymous said...

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