Friday 20 May 2011

The end.

Well my lovely readers, it's been a blast, 4 years of me spouting the gospel of St Gwen, patron saint of procrastinators, middle aged women and failed grown ups.

All good things must come to an end and so I bid thee farewell, if the world does end tomorrow at 6pm I am not wasting my last day cleaning the kitchen, I will retreat to the garden and read a book, but what a choice I have to make, I mean if this is my last book I want it to be a good one.

And tonight I will have everyone I love with me (except Hot Boy as his band have a gig at The Good Ship in Kilburn, if you're local pop along) and we will eat drink and be merry.

And if the world doesn't end tomorrow I will have had my day in the sun and the Kasabian tickets, forthcoming trip to Portugal and new high heel peep toe wedges won't go to waste.

See you on the other side. Failing that probably next week.


Nota Bene said...


Muddling Along said...

See you on the other side

Or possibly not...

Andy said...

I'll bet you £1,000,000 that the world won't end on Saturday night.

If it turns out that I'm wrong, feel free to wander round anytime on Sunday to collect your winnings.


Anonymous said...

Phew. For a moment I thought you were announcing you were leaving blog-land, and I was about to start tearing my hair and beating my breast.

Hugely relieved to find it is just the apocalypse.

Sandi said...

Oh my gosh, have I missed something????? I know I have been busy but what the hell are you on about??????? I thought you meant you were going to stop blogging too, now that would have made me feel very sad. Glad it's not that.
x Sandi

Looking for Blue Sky said...

I'm with NB :)

Rarelesserspotted said...

You are a tease ma'am - lovely to see you back... if the world does end on saturday, at least I won't have to pay the paper bill

AGuidingLife said...

I can't believe the conversations hubby and I had over the past few days like "so the world ends Saturday""yup""best not buy a joint for Sunday then"

We're going to look a right pair of bozos if it turns out to be true. Any hoo, loved the blog, would have been nice to have met you and enjoy your book (suggest you skip a few chapters as eternity in purgatory will be hell not knowing if they shagged or not!)

Anonymous said...

I had forgotten about that - I might have wasted my time cleaning the kitchen floor. Oh well, I shall join you in the sunshine with a book and a clear conscience tomorrow then.

Gigi said...

Saturday's usually find me tackling that mountain of laundry and those damned toilets.....this Saturday? Eh, they can wait. If I have to do them on Sunday - then Saturday will have been my day of rest. x

Anonymous said...

So my dilemma is: should I do the laundry so that I have clean underwear for the apocalypse on Saturday evening, or should I just stay in bed all day with a couple of books, my laptop, and a bottle of Bailey's?

libby said...

Really? today? but I've got stuff to do there someone I can talk to about rearranging it??
ps.portugal eh......something is going on with fma/fma.....details lady I need details!

Kitty said...

Who is supposed to take care of my cats?

Oh wait. That would be me. If The Rapture does take place, I'm sure I'll still be here come Sunday. Just as well, since I have to read the second lesson at Church. :)

But what a waste if I do get taken up, I already filed my taxes. (Sigh)

Hugs and quiches from Kitty x

Helena said...

Still blummin' here! What a waste of bracing myself!

Nota Bene said...

Still here x

Sandi said...

Bother, now I have to clean the floors xx Sandi

Working Mum said...

Have you any idea how distraught I've been for the last 30 mins when I read the start of this post on my dashboard, but couldn't load your blog to read the rest - I thought you'd given up blogging!!

btw it's Sunday and the world didn't end - read you next week!

Wylye Girl said...

Damn! I left all my ironing because I was reliably informed the world would end. Now it will take me weeks to catch up!

auntiegwen said...

NB -aw breathe the world didn't end

Ma - and here we are, what a surprise

Andy - if you have that kind of money to bet, clearly you are my kind of friend :)

Mud - why thank you, you clearly appreciate me more than the people I live with

Sandi - it was all over the media here, about the end of the world and the so called Rapture

LFBS - ah but we're all grand, nothing ended

Steve - that's it, every cloud and all that xxxx

S - I want to read the kind of books you do...

Alienne - I know God's not going to base his judgement on the cleanliness of your floor (if he does I'll be out then!)

Gigi - wise planning my dear x

Pinklea - bed, book and Baileys' every time, I think that's a fine weekend life strategy anyway

Libs - just a wee jaunt to the sun, nothing other than a cheap holiday, honest

Kitty - I'm sure you're allowed pets in Heaven xx

Lena - I know I completely forgot about it till about 2pm on Sunday!

NB - me too x gin?

Sandi - again me too, would you like a gin? xx

WM - oh sorry about that, I have to admit I wasn't really that surprised about the world not ending but I did enjoy the day of not doing chores

WG - yep me too, would you like to join me, NB and Sandi in a consolotary gin?