Thursday 7 June 2007

20 constants from being 20

I still secretly fancy Billy Connolly and Robbie Coltrane

I continue to read avidly, at least 6 books a week

I will still avoid doing anything if there is an opportunity to sunbathe

I still drive too fast and with my music way too loud, some of the music remains the same as when I was 15 never mind 20

I continue to get stressy if I think I am going to be late, which is most of the time, punctuality remains a problem

I am yet to understand how the Clyde tunnel works ( if it goes under the river, where is the water, why can't I see it ? I understand the theory of tunnels, but the actuality of that one still bemuses me because I can't see any feckin water nearby )

I still think that (after I've had a few) that I could be a stand up comedian

I strongly continue to believe in Karma

My favourite treat remains a Fab ice lolly

I am still feckin studying ( when will that stop ? )

I haven't learned to cook yet

I am still really untidy

I still think I've got a bit of a wild child inside me

I am the same weight as I was at 20 but a smaller jeans size ( labels are getting bigger ladies, sorry !)

I still don't believe any politicians but continue to vote as a tribute to the woman who died for my right to be able to

I continue to think that men have an easier life than women, my own life experiences have kind of cemented that view point

I still miss my Grampa and think he was the best

I continue to love travelling, exploring new places and going on holiday

I still think of my first love Ospur as the one who got away, no change from being 15 there either

I am still alive, still healthy, still happy and still really, really grateful for my beautiful life


lisa q. said...

great list! very similar to mine if i were to write one!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. That's cool that ya has so much the same as when ya was 20. Me loves the fact that ya still reads. Me thinks that is great. And as for learning? That me thinks is something people should do alot more of. IF you can still go to school and get more education me says GO FOR IT!!!! Learning should never go outta style. ;) Good for you for doing it.

Now, if me was to list 20 things me did when me was 20 and looked to see if me did them today. Ummmmm, **bushing from roots of hair to soles of feet** me wouldnt find many that me still does. BUT, this would be a good thing. A very very good thing. Of the good things me did in me early 20's me isnt sure offhand if me still does them. LOL. Maybe me should attempt to write one someday. When me gets the guts to remember back to the ''wild child'' me was from 15 - 26 ys. old. Would a list from 26 - 30 count?? HMMMM.. But . But . But . Um, since me is only 29 {{sniker , snicker, snicker }} me isnt sure how that would work. Gots any ideas?? ROTFLSFFAO {{S for silly}}. *sighs* ~~ quess me still needs to grow up a bit more huh?? LOL ;) ;)

Neil said...

Drive to Anniesland. Park car. Get back in car and park properly. Walk towards Clyde Tunnel, but instead of going down under the river, take the road that swings up to the left. See Ibrox in the far distance. Try and ignore sick feeling. Keep walking. When you feel yourself getting soaking wet, THAT is the River Clyde.

auntiegwen said...


feck off I can park properly