Tuesday 12 June 2007

Things I can't see the point of


Paris Hilton ( unless you take the view of she's there to make all people feel clever and/or talented)

Government reports on anything

Arguing with the Beautiful Baby Daughter, it's completely futile ( not for nothing is she also known as Little Miss Last Word)

Mr Bean

Breast enhancers ( things like padded bras or the chicken fillety type things you put down your bra, do you think he won't notice your breasts are significantly smaller when you take your bra off or at what point in the proceedings do you get rid of the fillets and where do you put them ?!?!)

Very expensive anti wrinkle creams - they won't work, spend the money on new shoes and a bottle of the red stuff, you'll feel SO much better

Stamp duty

Committee meetings, no one ever collectively and democratically decides things, 1 person has their own agenda and steamrollers others into agreeing, which they do because they're bored to feck and just want to escape to the pub

Jeremy Clarkson

The Guardian ( and it's readers)


lisa q. said...

fabulous list gwen!

don't worry hon...i don't fully understand the viraltag thing either...hell, i had to have to a tutor just to get it posted! :P

i love you for commenting and bringing a smile to my face this morning!

lisa q. said...

not even close girl! many of my friends were posting the damn thing...i resisted as long as possible...just looking at it made my head spin...

very werid huh...it's about 9:30 in the morning here...i haven't even showered yet and your work day is done...crazy...i love the internet! :P

Helena said...

I agree whole heartedly on the anti-wrinkle cream. My twin looks older than me because she's always been a smoker, regular drinker and bakes in the sun a lot. Anti-wrinkle creams (the ones I've used anyhow) are pointless, and there's yet to be an 'anti-lifestyle' cream.

Anonymous said...

Cuz life wants to make ya just a little insane. Or a little more insane than already is. Being normal is soooooo overrated. Me dont see the point to those things either. It's almost like, why bother cuz all it gonna do is give ya grey hairs. And none of us needs that. LOL ;)