Monday 18 June 2007

Mo Chridhe

Today was The Beautiful Son's 12th birthday. How can I articulate to you what a really sweet and kind boy he is and how much this child means to me. He is the most empathetic little soul and has a calmness and gentleness in him that is a complete contrast to his usual rugby playing, jackass video making, mad as a box of frogs daily behaviour. He seems to sense if I'm feeling down and will lie beside me just hugging me and I really do feel comforted just by his presence.

Of all my children he seems to need my physical presence and if I'm with him he needs to be physically attached to me, my friends all laugh that I wear him like a scarf. From when he was the tiniest baby, he would hold my hair and twist it around his fingers and he still does that today. He has to be kissed awake every morning and I know soon that he will want to stop that just as he will stop holding my hand or hugging me. I have always called him Small Boy even though now he is the same size as me and he calls me Marmee. No matter how big he gets I will still see the small boy in him and I will always be his Marmee.

He is my beautiful son and I love him. He also is my heart, Mo chridhe


Anonymous said...

That's beautiful. When they is that age they is just great. And the good thing even though they grow outta the kisses, ya can always remind him he's never to big to kiss and hug his mum. Still works with mine even though me an him is NOT getting along. But me wouldnt remind him that' he's never to big right now. But you knows why.

Makes me wish mine was 12 again. THat was so beautiful it made me cry. But a good cry not a sad one. Just beautiful. And remember he will always be mummy's little boy even if he 40. Don't let him fool ya. Or ever forget that ok?????

lisa q. said...

awww...that is so sweet! happy birthday to your beautiful son! :)

auntiegwen said...

Thanks for all the good wishes sent to TBS for his birthday, we had a really good time.