Monday 14 April 2008

Mixed Up Mummy

I am trying very very hard to be happy, sometimes that's easier said than done.I operate a policy of trying to find a positive in every situation. On the plus side in the last week the following good things appeared

The staff room at work got a cappucino machine, free cappucino's at work, how good is that ?!?!

Things I am trying to reframe to a more positive note

My life is extremely boring, I am heading towards middle age and I fear I am becoming very dull. Suggestions on a postcard please


lisa q. said...

Ah girl you're anything but dull! What other 40something mom do you know that would be sooooo excited to see The Killers! Keep looking for the positive, get out learn a new hobby, find a fun, new activity to enjoy, get a fun makeover. You are wonderful! Don't ever forget that!

auntiegwen said...

thank you Lisa, much appreciated

Squirmy Popple said...

Sometimes I fear that I'm getting dull too, and I'm too young to be having a mid-life crisis. But then I do something crazy, like take a spontaeous trip, and I feel much, much better.

DAB said...

Get yourself a toy boy (over 16!):)
Learn Chinese.
See how many chocolate bars you can eat in one go before you feel sick. (seven is may record!)
Shave off all you hair.
Join the circus
How many more do you want? The sky is your limit. Age is no barrier to new experiences. OK lecture over.

auntiegwen said...

Katie - I think you're right, a trip away sans children should do it

auntiegwen said...

I was asked out on a date by a 35 year old this week, but I fear that's a bit young for me

I struggle to speak English most days

I ate half an easter egg and now I feel queasy, I haven't eaten any chocolate since Christmas because I ate my own body weight in fruit and nut toblerones

Can't do it, I am very attached to my hair

No one to mind the children

I am in the process of joining a running club and I am going out 3 times this week (including bars at the weekend), there, not too shabby is it ?

But thank you very much for the input, I had a shocker of a weekend and felt very down when I posted but feeling so much better now


ME said...

I think you are quite talented, funny, and kind and I've only been reading for a short while. I'm going to be 42 in July, don't let that number get you down!

auntiegwen said...

aawh thank you Craze, us 1966 girls are a good vintage !!!

Karen said...

Glad you're feeling better now. We all have days like that, I think. Finding something you're passionate about seems to help, be it writing or, er, toyboys :o)

auntiegwen said...

Karen - I just can't do toyboys, although I don't know if 35 counts as a toyboy !!! well maybe if you're 90 it would ....