Wednesday 30 April 2008

Uh oh

Oh no, I've done it now. Your auntie who has been ultra scathing about team building games has got to facilitate such a team building day.

In the past I have been less than complimentary about the value of getting people to blow a jelly baby around a table with a straw. Now I've got to sort out a whole day of such stuff.

Help, please... What the feck will I do with them, for a whole day !!!!!!


Neil said...

Quick intro... coffee break.. send them out on some kind of 'treasure hunt'.. two-hour lunch.. quick session around "there is no 'I' in 'TEAM'".. coffee break.. create team charter.. early wrap up.. sorted!

lisa q. said...

i got nuttin'...good thing neil has such a good plan! :D

Karen said...

I don't envy you at all - my idea of hell. Changes at the library mean we're having team 'huddles' each morning and are being encouraged to think 'outside the box.' Arrgghh!

DAB said...

Oh how exciting, all that power in your hands. Ha! Ha! Methinks a good dose of competition is called for here, what about an assault course (rope the army in to help!), so good for team building. Camping on the Yorkshire Moors without shelter or food! What about spin the bottle, truth or dare! God, so many possibilities. You lucky thing :) TFX

Dusty Spider said...

If you have a budget at your disposal you could take them to an outdoor centre and get them cycling; sailing; rock wall climbing. Or you could get them building contraptions to move an egg from one place to another without breaking it our touching it with their hands. I'm sure there must be books of stuff out there - have a look on Amazon. Good Luck! Flick xx

indigo16 said...

White water rafting! seriously I do not envy you, maybe try some Alan Sugar Apprentice style tasks, that should do it. BTW, sorry I tagged you, but only if you have a mo.

auntiegwen said...

Edge, that'll explain why the bank's the way it is !!!!

Lisa, I've got nada also

Karen, that would feck me off no end

Flick , alas no budget ( they spent it on the cappucino machine, fair play)

TF, I So do not want to spin the bottle with that lot, i spend my life hiding from most of them !!!

Alison, I like the idea of Sugar type stuff, there's a few I'd fire !!!, done the tag, ta honey

gangu said...

you look grant after your haircut, you are beautiful too.

gangu the folk country

Shirley said...

Hello, auntiegwen -- This is about where I started reading your blog. I'm curious to know what you ended up doing about this team day thing. Was it as bad as you dreaded it would be?