Monday 21 April 2008

Waiting for The Beautiful Happiness

I was bumping my gums last week about being boring and the " is this it? " type angst than I can be prone to. Now I know that I am the only one who can change the script so with that in mind I did do sumfin bout it.

In the last week

I did join a running club, yes I did, I did run 3 times, now don't I deserve a medal ? I met 2 really nice women and have felt very virtuous all week, including when I ate a Marathon bar, yes I know they're called Snickers now but I'm of an age.

I did go for drinks with a man, I did not like it, I thought I was being brave and getting out there and yes, I do trust my friend who arranged it, yes he was ok but I am not going to date just for the sake of it, and I do take your point that I am far too fussy and no one is perfect but there was no spark and I'm not going to waste his time and my lipgloss on it. Enough said.

I did go to a birthday party on Saturday night, I drank pink champagne and danced. I was chatted up by boys, what is wrong with me? boys under 25 and men over 60 love me, it's just the 40 something ones I struggle with. I was fairly seriously pursued by a 22 year old and even a 19 year old had a good crack at me. I've got tea towels older than that. I just wanted to give them career advice, I could no more flirt back with them than I could support the England rugby team.

I know I'll sound really judgemental but there were grown up women there who really were old enough to know better, it's a fine line between being youthful/game for a laugh and sad old slapperdom. On arrival a 50 something Grandma, bent over and lifted her dress up, flashing her thong, I generally just say hello, she also greeted the young lads there by rubbing their faces in her ample bosom, which just looked motherly as opposed to perky. She was trying to fit in with a much younger crowd, when I spoke to her later, she's had such a sad romantic history and seemed like a really nice person, she's just so scared of being on her own. When I left, she had teamed up with a cross hybrid of Rod Stewart and Peter Stringfellow who was definitely was of an age with her, they seemed happy enough.

My friend who is dating a really lovely guy (who wasn't there) spent a fair ammount of time face sucking and bum feeling someone 20 years her junior. This was despite a team talk in the ladies from me about how happy her relationship makes her. Now being fair I was the soberest one there and my friend was fairly drunk, she kept telling the 25 year old she couldn't give him babies, I kept thinking, he doesn't want a relationship, he just wants emptied, he tried it on with me when she went to the loo and on hearing my refusal asked me what the best way to "nail" my friend was. A real charmer, eh ? I absolutely made sure she went home with me, in the taxi I asked her why and she said she just wanted to keep her options open ?!? Should you be snogging strangers in tacky clubs when you're with someone ?

I spent the night feeling like I was a Wee Free Minister, I had the sour puss look off to perfection. Okay it's hardly Sodom and Gomorrah but it's just not my idea of fun and it's not what I want. I may be fussy and I may not get perfection but in my life I've been damn close to it and I am so not going to settle. One day I will have The Beautiful Happiness again.


lisa q. said...

Yay Gwen! You so definitely deserve a medal girl! Sometimes we have to put on the sourpuss face when drunk friends give into the stupidity that alcohol brings. Crap! I just so described myself this weekend. Thanks God for friends that know better!

ME said...

Woohoo! Sounds like you are breaking out and changing the script and you're right, you are the only one who can. Dating just because is not my cup of tea, there has to be a spark.

For the longest time the only men who paid any attention to me were either 21 or 61, what'a 40-something chick to do?

Dusty Spider said...

It was great fun to read but you don't sound as if you enjoyed yourself much. Better luck next time! Much kudos for the running thing though. Admiration flowing your way. Flick xx

DAB said...

Ran three times in a week! Slow down woman! Conserve you energy. I've got a friend who works at a Rugby Club lots of fit 40 year olds men play.
Ohhh, it's St George's Day tomorrow (just thought you might be interested in this little fact) Keep the flags flying ;)TFX

auntiegwen said...

Lisa, when I come to Mapdot, we can take it in turns to be the sensible friend !!!!

Craze, I'm so with you on that, and not just because of my general can't be arsedness !

Flick, it was fine really, it kind of confirms that I m not missing out on too much by not doing the pub and club scene.

TF, please get your friend to send details of said fit rugby playing men ( only the spare ones though) xx