Sunday 11 May 2008

Raindrops on Roses

I have been tagged by Indigo16 aka Alison for this meme

Last movie you saw in the cinema - " Son of Rambow" last Friday evening with The Beautiful Son and Beautiful baby Daughter, he loved it.

What book are you reading - The Lollipop Shoes by Joanne Harris

Favourite board game - Trivial Pursuit, I am really good at that one

Fave magazine - I like Red, Eve and Scarlet

Fave smell - Babies, Crabtree and Evelyn Noel, DKNY woman, Armani code men, freshly baked bread, lemons and laundry thats been dried outside in the fresh air, especially newly laundered sheets when you get into bed

Favourite sounds - absolute silence, my children laughing, the noise my phone makes when I get a text, The Killers, Scottish and Irish accents, The Edge's voice

Worst feeling in the world - unrequited love

First thing you think of in the morning - coffee

Fave fast food place - are you kidding me ? Starbucks of course, silly

Future childs name - unlikely to happen but it would have been Grace Stephanie for a girl and either Finlay or Ellis for a boy

Finish this statement " If I had a lot of money I'd..... travel the world, have better shoes, get my teeth staightened, and set up an orphanage and a school in Africa, I would so love to cuddle black babies all day long

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal - no, I am a grown up

Storms scary or cool - always cool

Fave drink - Lanson Rose champagne, Oyster Bay merlot, venti skinny latte, venti skinny coffee light frappucino, a pint of sparkling water after my run, coffee I didn't have to make myself

If you could die your hair any colour what would it be - prob black with fuschia tips

Name all the places you've lived - Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leicestershire and part time in Hisaronu, Turkey

Fave sports to watch - Scotland playing rugby, TBS's team playing rugby

Nice things about the person who tagged you - uberstylish, talented, thought provoking, creative - thy name is Alison

Would you want to be born as yourself again - no, I've done me, I'd like a new person please

Morning person or night owl - I'm an afternoon girl really

Favourite place to relax - oh easy, my terrace with the fabulous view of Babadag mountain in Turkey, anywhere in Scotland and in England either my bed or my sofa

Favourite ice cream flavour - rum and raisin

This meme is open to anyone that would like to have a go, I'd be interested to know your responses


indigo16 said...

I am with you on the laundered sheets, if Emin ever saw the 'uberstylish' quote he might die laughing, now there a thought!

Cait O'Connor said...

Just found your blog, I like it! This meme is a good one, I will have a go.

ME said...

I love the sound of children laughing!

Anonymous said...


The Edge

auntiegwen said...

Alison - you always look stylish to me

Cait - very nice to have you

Craze - yeah, it makes up for all the time they're whining

Edge - I'd like it even better if it was saying, would you like me to make you a coffee

Laura said...

ooooh! i love these things. Might have to pinch it for my blog :O)

auntiegwen said...

Laura - pinch away pet, what's mine is yours