Tuesday 20 May 2008



This morning, day of the English Literature GCSE exam, my bedroom, Eldest Beautiful Daughter looking perturbed

mummy/auntiegwen, looking concerned," Don't worry darling, English is your best subject, you're going to be fine"

Eldest Beautiful Daughter, looking at self in mirror, thoughtfully, answers slowly "No, I don't like this handbag with my new hoody, but I don't have a pink or a grey one"

Well, that's ok then isn't it ?


help[1].txt said...

hello, i was just sailing on this network, and i just found you, i like your blog, i feel basically the same on some of your post.

well, see you, iam in:

lisa q. said...

Haha...kids huh? Just when you think you've got them all figured out, they go and prove you wrong!

Working Mum said...

Get your priorities right! Of course handbags are more important than exams when you're 16. That's what I battle with every day at work!

auntiegwen said...

Lisa - still no idea how they work !

WM - yes but remember I have them at home AND at work, as I teach at her school !!!