Wednesday 16 July 2008

Curse words, tell off's and come backs

I've been tagged by Cheekie for my 3 all time faves of the above, she is expecting good things of me as I am an ex punk, please remember that I am also an ex catholic so the guilt thing is HUGE and also that I am pretty much, a good girl, I'm only bad enough to be interesting. So...

3 most often used curses
Jesus, Mary and Holy St Joseph

Feck and feckin (sometimes in moments of high agitation it becomes feckity, feckity, feck and only under extreme duress does it become fuck or fuckity,fuckity,fuck)

Shag and shagging (used to describe sex and also as in I'm so shagging tired, not from actual shagging sadly, apologies TMI part trois)

3 Tell off's - now we're talking, I'm the very woman you want for that, not only a mummy but a teacher too, watch and learn...

Would you give yourself peace

Of course you don't understand it, sweetie, it's harder than colouring in isn't it ?

No, because I am a grown up

3 come backs

Did you hear that ?, yep, definitely taxi for auntiegwen (I usually use my surname for this one, it works better, but if I had, you'd know who I was)

It's not your fault, you weren't blessed and born Scottish like me

Your mum or your face (beloved of teenagers over here) or best of all yer arse in as Glaswegian an accent as you can make it.

Apologies to any of my readers of a more sensitive disposition especially if you're reading this before your coffee, the Edge has developed a habit of presenting me with TMI before my coffee, it does make the start of the day interesting though.

Please feel free to have a go, as usual Edge, you're exempt


cheekie said...

haha! I like the way 'feckity feckity feck' rolls off the tongue...very nice.

well done lady

lisa q. said...

Harder than coloring! Damn I love that!

Feckity feckity feck...gonna have to practice that one!

Anonymous said...

Thanks feckity feck for that...


BTW, for those of you haven't had the pleasure of meeting auntieG, just take a look at that photo at the top of the page when you're reading the comebacks. Her hands are in that EXACT position when she says something like, "Of course you don't understand it sweetie..." and she tilts her head slightly to one side to emphasise the sarcasm. Pure class!

Anonymous said...

... and the tell-offs!


A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

I've had such a sheltered life that I don't quite understand all that - especially the Glaswegian stuff!! You're obviously in a class of your own when it comes to all the above! M :-)

scrappysue said...

great post! i would have to give those some serious thought!

Squirmy Popple said...

I've been trying to cut down on my swearing, but it just seems to come out.

I had an Irish friend who would always say "Pants!" when she was angry. It always made me laugh.

A Confused Take That Fan said...

Jesus, Mary and Holy Joseph! There's a little feckity feckity feckin' award for you over at mine
Come over and pick it up when you are ready, if you're not too shagged.

auntiegwen said...

Cheekie - why thank you, I liked your "How about a nice cup of shut the f*ck up" muchly !

Lisa - I've got a whole load of teachery type ones I can let you have

Edge - you better get ready for that look as you'll be seeing it shortly, and please note, I can and do use apostrophes... sometimes

A mothers place - thanks for that, I love your title, too true

Sue - I'd love to hear some antipodean curses, mine are very much a mix of Scots and Irish

Katie - that's not really swearing, is it ?

ACTTF - thank you so much, you're very kind, that reminds me that I still haven't sorted out my blog