Friday 4 July 2008

Techfeckinology part umpteen

Yes, my nemesis has come back to haunt me again. At work all my timetable for next term starts on Monday, why ? The computer says so, I got my confirmed timetable only on Wednesday and being a good girl I planned Mondays first 3 lessons and submitted the lesson plans. Then as I was leaving today I found out that all the school timetables are wrong as the students have a completely different timetable to the staff, so they will issue an electronic timetable later today. That means I do not know who or where or when I will be teaching next week or in September. This matters a lot as I am part time and I have arranged other teaching work elsewhere based on what I thought I was available to do. All because of a technical hitch.

Whilst at home....

I am writing this on the new PC as my laptop says on 1 part of the screen it's connected to the internet but on another it has "connection issues"

Well I have issues too...

So I have struggled to sort this out ( ok I asked the weans and switched it on and off, then I switched off the router thingy and switched it back on again) and IT God now has a limit on how many times I'm allowed to ask for help and he keeps threatening to show me how to do stuff myself, does he not know me at all? I mean, the policy of acting all helpless and getting people to do my tech stuff for me has served me well over the last 4 decades !!!

So here I am, not prone on my bed but upright in the dining room letting you know that I am still alive. As it's the end of term we've been mainly school fete ing and school concert ing

Beautiful baby Daughter and Eldest Beautiful Daughter both claim to have won the 6 foot tall bright orange and black soft toy shark that I keep tripping over. They have the same first initial and the daft pair both really want the damn thing. Well of course that's all I need to make my happiness complete a 6 foot toy shark, lucky me. An asset to any home.

Beautiful Baby Daughter had to play her trumpet at a musical concert last night at school. They provided wine on arrival, wine at the interval and then more wine at the end. This helped tremendously with my enjoyment levels of the evening. At no point in the evening did the violin playing sound like a cat being ironed. I feel all childrens performances would be much easier to get through with this help. Maybe even parents evenings for both teachers and parents ? Should I put it in the staff suggestions box at work ?

I am out drinking tonight and possibly out drinking tomorrow night. This will make 3 nights in a row. I wonder if my behaviour will be worse for the cumulative effect or because all my lovely bloggy friends have assured me that I'm just having fun ?


A Confused Take That Fan said...

Autiegwen - I am jealous of your wine drinking 3 nights on the trot.
I may suggest wine before, during and after the 'How to be a Perfect Parent' course our school is running. Or do you reckon that will get me on the imperfect parent list immediately?

IT God said...

Dear Auntie Gwen, one thing I have learned about IT is that a problem which may appear to be resolvable in 3 minutes can take 3 days. This makes us IT people very nervous. Love the inflatable shark; every home should have one. Also, the musical choices are most excellent. There only 4 chords in Teenage Kicks so could have you playing this in about a month.

indigo16 said...

Hell, Gwen have we not earned it? I felt like I sat each and every one of those bloody GCSE's. Them crappy moderation, now next years lesson 3 days off the wagon then 4 days on, has rapidly turned into a continuous lush fest.
Last year we finally got our timetable in October!! each day the students wpould meet on the green and wait for hour by hour instructions. My part time colleagues hair is literally only just growing back

cheekie said...

I am so jealous....
Do you know how many school concerts/plays/rehearsals I have had to sit through completely sober?
It is tragic.

Alas, the great Canadian Gov't, and my beloved Ontario Gov't in all of their puritanical righteousness would never ever allow a droplet of wine at a school function. Ever.
So so sad.

And that shark scares me a wee bit.
Just sayin'...


p.s. Yes, you are just having fun!!!

Gwen said...

Hi Auntie Gwen

Many thanks for your thoughts on my blog. I very much appreciate your concern. I am absolutely fine but incredibly rushed off my feet at the moment. My work takes up a lot of time, not only through the week but also sometimes at weekends. It also seems that I have something on most weekends when not working. When I started blogging I was able to do it at work so could do it far more frequently, but since I started my new job, that is not allowed and, to be honest I no longer have the free moments I did in the last one. I’m not sure how much more I will blog and I am really sorry to not have the time any more and will miss all my “blogging buddies” but I will be thinking about you and wish you well.



Working Mum said...

Ha ha! I see what you mean about the shark now. Yes, throw it our way, daughter would have field day Izzyfying it!

As for timetables, I never believe mine until about 8th September, but I do feel sorry for part-time teachers who organise childcare, other jobs, etc around it. Nightmare!

Yes, wine for parents' evenings! Maybe I could cope with "but I'm paying you to get her an A" with equanimity instead of "No, you're paying for my expertise; your daughter's brains are your responsibility" (no, I don't really say that, I just think it)

lisa q. said...

Haha...lovin' the shark. I am a firm believer in drinking at or even before any function that has the potential to make me want to poke my eyes out. It's a matter of sanity and survival.

And yes, you are just having fun! Continue on!

Anonymous said...

Is it that a six foot beast you're holding? Or are you just happ... um.. not really sure where I was going with that! So let's hear your drinking stories then. x

auntiegwen said...

ACTTF - I teach those type of courses, in a very ironic way, obv ! wine would be a welcome addition.

IT God - ok I'll add guitar lessons to the evergrowing list of things you feel I should learn.

Alison - nightmare, pleased to say it's not on that scale.

Cheekie - it really did help

Gwen - I'll miss your blog, pop in from time to time to let us know you're well.

WM - That makes me cross too, when you think of the seething mass of hormones mixed with inertia we're faced with.

Lisa - yep, we truly have suffered with the children

Anonymous - I really don't think you'd want to see the full extent of my antics in print. You do, really ? Ok then I had 2 gin and tonics and then I went home alone.