Thursday 9 October 2008

10 Things I really, really have to do in the next week

Tomorrow I have to get on t'internet and book tickets to see The Killers. They're touring and I have a notion to go and see them in Belfast. I love Belfast and apparently it's very what trendy now.

I really can't put that feckin tax return off any longer.

Ditto the Rarpa file ( very boring paperwork for Ofsted which is now 3 months late)

Pay my M&S credit card bill of £952.12, due tomorrow.

Mark 15 essays for my AS level students.

Get out of going speed dating with my friend Melanie, I'm so not doing that, even though I do love her and want to support her, the line has been drawn.

Try and talk Beautiful Baby Daughter out of wanting a 12 foot trampoline for her forthcoming birthday, it will eat my garden and I'll have nowhere to put my whirly.

On Tuesday go to a tutor development meeting for my adult ed job at the same time as my book group meeting which is held in the pub, oh, I wonder which one I prefer ?

On Thursday be a prospective parent looking round my school with The Beautiful Son at open evening whilst simultaneously being in my classroom as a teacher talking to prospective parents at open evening

Get on a plane and head off to the sunshine.


Neil said...

Oh alright then... you can give Melanie my number. Jeez, the things I do to help you out...

Shirley said...

How in the world did you manage to keep it to ten? Come, come, my dear, I bet you've got 20 more hidden in your head!

Mom/Mum said...

Now how many of those will you achieve I wonder??? Will it be one? That plane to the sunshine?! that's the one I'd want to do the most. Oh and go book to see The Killers and go to the pub for pink fizzy stuff....
Have a good weekend!

Amanda said...

Not speed dating!? You'd have such fun - not! x

FOXY1969 said...

I am still around auntie and just fine x
I would seriously not consider a trampoline for a moment, I have been working in the fracture clinic a lot recently and there is a large poster there warning of the dangers of one. Not to mention my friends son paralized from the neck down on one. They really scare me.

rebeckajane said...

Sorry, being lazy ...Compo is Workers Compensation for when injured at work.

I have to admit I'm a lil jealous you are off to see The Killers again!

Eddie 2-Sox said...

She's not just off to The Killers in Belfast, but even more glamourous, The View at Norwich Arts Centre. OK, that's wishful thinking.

I have a "to do" list too, but as I am the King of Prevarication, none o them will be done within a week, no way.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Speed dating. I definitely think you've got to get out of that one. That said, my evenings sitting my butt on the sofa are looking better and better!

Milla said...

aaarrgh, unless you got on with it, I see that the killers all sold out in about 2 and a half mins. Strike that from the list, honey. and no no no to the trampoline. Fine reasons yours, but snapped tiny necks are up there, too.

indigo16 said...

Leyla has that same trampoline, the foxes have used more than she has! I work with someone who on her first bounce got TWO compound fractures!
I loathe anything to do with OFSTED so sympathise with you there.
Belfast is fantastic well worth a visit.
I guess you must be off to Turkey? very jealous I could do with a dose of sunshine, maybe you could do your tax return by the pool?have fun.

Nota Bene said...

mmm how very odd...thought I'd posted a comment doh!

Do the first and the last and ignore the rest...

Laura said...

Instead of getting her a trampoline, why don't you get a tramp to lean, then she can get all her friends over and have a "Be the first to knock him over" competition" fun for all the family.....well maybe not for the tramp

TheOnlineStylist said...

How about speed dating on a trampoline? Could be fun?!
And jetting off on a plane to the sunshine is truly the best one - do it! Do it now! Seize the feckin' moment and be damned with the M & S bill! (Sorry - I will be calm in a moment, it's Friday and I'm all happy!) x

Anonymous said...

Ah, the lure of the adult ed tutor difficult to resist.

DJ Kirkby said...

Hello? Your M&S bill? How? I am so jealous! I want to be able to afford to spend that much at M&S on food alone, never mind their gorgeous Per Una clothing range! Next Plump WA's Club exceprt is up. Hope you have a lovely holiday. xo

Buddhist in Training said...

Ouch on the M&S bill auntiegwen!!

Squirmy Popple said...

I've also been putting off my tax return for as long as I can. I was going to do it today but it's so nice and sunny!

Tomorrow. I'll do it tomorrow.

Working Mum said...

Let me know how you get on with the trampoline thing and will it work on four year olds?

(PS I got a credit card bill for £5000 today, OK it included the new fireplace, but my husband assures me £1200 of it is expenses he will get back next month - hope so or it'll be a lean Christmas!)

auntiegwen said...

Neil - she'd eat you alive !

Shirley - I had 101 things but these are the MUST Do's in capitals and underlined

Mom/Mum - the plane is booked, I just have to get the other stuff done along with the other 91 things and get on it ! and I did book The Killers, score

Annie - definitely not a speed dater, I'm someone who takes a long time

Foxy - glad you're ok, I agree on the trampoline thing but apparently her dad has promised her

Becka - if my brain worked I could've figured that out really, I am actually very excited but I've still got to see The View, Primal Scream and Glasvegas(again) first !

Soxy - Yep, I am looking forward to The View, ta muchly

Lisa - shove over and let me on the couch, there's no room with the cats !

Milla - I did actually get on it and got 2 tickets to see The Mighty Killers in Belfast, fooking deadly ! I agree about the trampoline but as said before (now through clenched teeth) Daddy promised

Alison - yep off to Turkey on Friday, got to get my tax return done before I go though or get fined! Looking forward to visiting Belfast again

NB - sorted out 1 and 10 but have to do the dreaded tax return before Oct 31st

Lolly - have you been sniffing the scented soaps in Lush ? cruelty to tramps indeed ! hope you're ok, just about to visit your blog next to see how you are pet x

That girl - glad you're happy, am off on Friday and I paid my bill, I'm a good girl I am

Anon - I don't think you're my usual anon ?,tutor eve ? nah, like the beautiful son says they'll just not decide things and eat biscuits, hope you're ok and your rarpa file is up to date ! x

DJ - have read newest installment, thanking you me dear, I promise I didn't spend it all in M&S, it's the only credit card I have so that was the total spend for everything (I stick it all on the card and pay it off at the end of the month) it's still a lot though, not quite sure why ?

Berthddu - I know, it's a bit of a mystery, some Dublin stuff, some new clothes for work, ok some concert tickets too (mea culpa)

Katie - I hate mine too, I've got employed, 2 different jobs last year, self employed 3 different jobs and foreign, feck, feck, feck, but I've got to do it before 31st October or they send a witch for me !

WM - I'm now terrified she'll really hurt herself on the damn thing now and don't worry about your bill, at least you'll have something to show for it, apparently all I've got is concert tickets and a lot of fancy new knickers !!! I have seriously bought a ferocious amount of new knickers this month !!!

A Confused Take That Fan said...

your life sounds kinda nice to me. Killers, sunshine on a plane, being able to pay off your £1000 credit card bill...
You are a lucky lady.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Well, I don't think you can possibly make it! That's too long and complicated a list - and you can't be in two places at once, can you? Have caught up with your life at last - now back to mine!
M xx

Nota Bene said...

The taxman he sayeth that your tax return can wait until January if you do it on your computer..."do put off until tomorrow something that you really don't want to do today
...wish I'd got Killers tickets!

auntiegwen said...

M - that's only the ones that must be done before I go on holiday !, it's going quite well at the moment though x

NB - have to do a paper return due to foreign income, and sorry you didn't get tickets, they are awesome live, keep trying

ME said...

That's quite the "to-do" list.. I'd love to see the killers!