Saturday 4 October 2008

The Beautiful Son

The Beautiful Son talked at me for a bit yesterday. This is extremely unusual as he is not generally given to conversation, what with him being a teenage boy and all and he remains, despite my best efforts, a complete alpha male in training and totally not in touch with his feminine side. I spend a lot of time with him but we don't talk much, I like that, it's peaceful. His sisters would never sit in silence with me but he often does, I can be reading my book and he just either sits or lies beside me twirling a strand of my hair as he has done since he was a tiny baby.

The funniest part of this is because he is very quiet and he hardly ever converses like this, he does talk and stuff but he rarely expresses his opinions. The topic of this monologue was his forthcoming school council elections and he was so funny, he could have been on "Grumpy Old Men" It was quite ranty and there was't too much pause for breath. I think he used up a week's worth of conversation on this. I can't remember verbatim what he said but it was along the lines of.

AG - How was school today ?

TBS - I'm well pissed off

AG - Why ? ( very suprised at not receiving the customary grunt that tells me to shut the feck up )

TBS - You know the school elections ?

AG - Yeah ( but really means no as he hasn't mentioned them at all)

TBS - If you throw sweets into the crowd at the end of the vote for me bit, you get disqualified

AG - So ?

TBS - I managed to get into the 2nd row, right in the centre, prime postition, was bound to get plenty and then the fascists didn't let them chuck the sweets in

AG - non committal noises

TBS - I went into school early for that (in a disgruntled tone)

AG - Ah, give yourself peace,

TBS - And the school council never do anything

AG - If you don't step up to the plate don't moan about the others that do

TBS - Would you give YOURSELF peace, they only go to bloomin meetings, don't decide things and eat biscuits

AG - clamped as she knows that's exactly how most school meetings go.

So, not long in length but succinct and to the point.


Anonymous said...

Haha...even teenage boys still need their sweets. Too funny!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I have two gorgeous step sons. One talks for Britain, the other could be on a sponsored silence for Britain! Such polar opposites. It's nice when they get passionate about some things though and have a rant. You lucky girl having such a great son. X

Shirley said...

Ha! Doesn't sound like you have to worry about TBS and girls yet, anyway -- he's still into sweets of a more literal sort.

There's something rumbling around the edges of my brain about the fact that something so relatively unimportant is what he rants about; could it be that when men aren't talking, there really ISN'T anything going on in their brains? Nah, probably not.

Helena said...

lol...Sounds like he'll have a surefire future in front of him!

Adam is taking work experience all next week as head teacher's assistant. It's at his old primary school and he's a bit nervous about it! As long as boiling water and long dictation aren't involved, he should be fine!

BTW...before I forget, the new date for the gig is Nov.14th but I'll blog more info soon!

Laura said...

lol I love the don't decide things and eat biscuits" He truly has a great grasp of adult life!

cheekie said...

pfft. sounds like a convo with my son. 9 yrs old and he sounds like he's 30.

and i get the 'grmph i don't wanna talk about it' stuff all the time.

p.s. thanks for asking after me baby, i'm well, just really busy and sans internet at home! silly new job keeping me from having fun. damn.

Nota Bene said...

He's so right on so many fronts unreassonable to stop the sweets...and if he understands so much already, hopefully he can find a better way before it's all too late!

Tim Atkinson said...

Hey, here's a thought - why not suggest TBS stands for the school council, then he could eat the biscuits! (Might make up for not having any sweets...)

Anonymous said...

Love it! He has got the school council exactly right - and local politics too I think!! My 9 year old son is standing for school counci. He said that he won't win cos he won't make big promises like the others, who won't keep them anyway! I almost cried! His big police is introducing a rock guitar club and getting the toliets sorted out...whatta boy! Maybe I should send him to Downing street - Peter Mandleson? Pah!!

Working Mum said...

It's surprising how astute teenagers are about politics, isn't it?

about to be single said...

Teenage boys are the best and they grow into really nice young men, too. Came by your blog from the black box, too!! The kids are so beautiful.

auntiegwen said...

Lisa - yep, make it beer flavoured and you'll have them forever !

Mob - I suppose he finds it hard to get a word in with me and his 2 chatty sisters !

Shirley - we wouldn't want people to think we don't rate men now, would we ?

Lena - Good for Adam, hope to see you on the 14th

Cheekie - it's hard when life/work gets in the way of blogging isn't it ?

NB _ I don't know whether to be sad or glad he's got the measure of councils and decision making so early

Dotterell - oh no, he has inherited his mothers allergy to PTA s and councilly type things

What happened - I think he should be running the country !

WM - unless I asked for a 2000 word essay on it !

Anni - I like all kids usually, yep even the ones I teach, thanks for visiting, looks can be deceptive... no really I do love them

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Dear boy, that was really quite an effort. All I ever got from my Son was "Uhh" or "So?" while he went through that phase! M :-)