Monday 7 September 2009

Musings from me

Hello my little bloggy chums, how are you?

Myself and the beautiful children are well. Thank you for asking.

Eldest Beautiful Daughter is getting ready for her beloved Matthew (chief matey boy of about 2 years) to go off to uni, this is a teeny tiny bit tense for all those who live/visit chez auntiegwen. Can you imagine how it will be in 2 weeks whan he actually goes? No, I don't want to either.

The Beautiful Son has had his annual haircut, he tried to articulate what he wanted to the barber who ignored him and took his cash. It's not pretty, it looks like he needs a carer, I'm hoping he'll grow into it.

Beautiful Baby Daughter tidied her bedroom, proper tidy, Kim and Aggie tidy, but you probably knew that as it was on the 10 o'clock news.

School has returned but without me, the son has joined elder daughter at high school (we have a 3 school system so they change at 14 when they start GCSE coursework) so that leaves only the baby at middle school.

I love, love, love my new job. It's hard, it's challenging and I am busy like you wouldn't believe but I can see that I am actually making a difference and I am thriving on the challenge.

My facebook thingy is still bemusing me, do I want to be my friend Susan's friend Janice's neighbour on the farm? I think not, I killed the begonia my friend Ell bought me for my birthday (in 3 days) I begged her not to buy me a live thing, I can only manage children, all my plants die. I also can't work out how to send gifts back to people and then they might think I don't love them, I do I'm just crap at technology. I have shed loads of teenagers befriending me and I can't say no. And despite my very good friend's plea for a boyfriend for me, not one of her mates stepped up ??? Pourquoi, I ask myself. So after a few weeks I'm bored of it.

I've got masses of nights out planned, some gigs, some dinners and been invited to a bloggy meet up in Amsterdam.

So a very busy but very contented auntie at present. Normal middle aged Pollyanna service has resumed. And thank God for that.


Rarelesserspotted said...

welcome back - truly missed

scrappysue said...

and don't forget your bloggy meet-up at the ace cafe just before billy in glasgow auntie!!!

my 20 year old got facebook TWO days ago and already has 117 friends and she won't friend me!!!

she's mean!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! So pleased that the job is working out. V impressed!

Nota Bene said...

Put the kettle on Polly

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I am a serial killer of plants yet people still insist on buying me some and trying to reform me. AAAARRRRGGGHH! Your life sounds sorted for now. Glad the new job is going well - you'll find yer man when you aren't looking!

Madame DeFarge said...

It's all go in your household. Glad to see that you're back to normal, even having to ensure a son's bad haircut.

Shirley said...

You can't quit Facebook yet. I haven't found you! (Sorry, keep getting side-tracked.)

Love your writing, by the way. You sound like the old you again.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

A bloggy meet-up in Amsterdam - When was anybody going to tell me??!

Glad you are always you, Gwennie, in spite of trouble and strife, and men and child-wrangling.

Love and light to you, and bless you for that fantabulous posting over at Mad Manic Mamas - So funny and so poignant - Merely wonderful! Fhi x

auntiegwen said...

Rls - thank you, you are very kind

Sue - nope I haven't forgotten our meet up or Billy, I'll be your facebook buddy though

Mud - yep I love it, not sure it's what I signed up for but hey ho

NB - and I have milk unlike some people who went to Sainsbury's to buy it and forgot !

MOb - truly I'm not looking, I have not time to look, too busy working, mummying and killing plants ! oh all right and blogging too

Madame - you sould see it, he has care in the community stamped all over him!

Shirley - but you've found me now :)

Fhina - I'm sure you get asked to gazillions of stuff !!!!