Thursday 22 October 2009

10 things I liked and disliked in October

Me Likeys

Afternoon naps, God, they're good, I've had a few this week as I've been on holiday.

Not having to get up early, me likey muchly, I don't think I've been dressed before lunchtime. Again due to being on holiday.

Reading, I have read soooooooooooooooooooo much, currently completely re reading Joanna Trollope and enjoying all over again. Is there a "I've got time cos I'm on holiday" theme emerging

Cake, twas the Beautiful Baby Daughters birthday so I made the 44th chocolate birthday cake and enjoyed eating it too.

Writing, I have managed to do some both here and on Mad Manic Mamas This means I feel much less guilty and I like that.

Me No Likeys

I am getting fat. This is entirely my own fault. I have stopped running but not stopped eating, I am a stupid woman who is becoming enormous.

I still haven't done that feckin tax return, procratination thy name is auntiegwen.

My house is still not completely clean and I have been on holiday, I have been reading and having afternoon naps, my excuse for having a messy house is usually work, that is acceptable to my slightly Presbyterian soul, being on holiday and not cleaning is just slatternly and not acceptable.

I still haven't ran this week and it's Thursday, see above for the I've been too busy at work excuse and how that doesn't hold up with the fact I'm on holiday.

Ucas forms, EBD and decisions, not the best combination. Should you wish to hear the full 3 verses and the disco chorus of that one, it's on the MMM site And before any of my slightly less tactful friends wade in, yes I do know where she gets it from.


Neil said...

"I still haven't RUN this week..." jeez!

auntiegwen said...

Edge - even from another country you correct my grammar ! As I typed it I wondered which one was correct and here you are ready to help me out. Like I always say there are more important things in a friendship xxxx x

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I haven't run in years so don't feel guilty! But I am as fat as a fool for being so lardybutt like. Winter is probably the best time to run but because of dull, wet windy days, dark evenings who the hell wants to go out in that unless you are of course dedicated beyond all reason that us normal folks don't understand?!

Just enjoy your week off, life is for living, not dusting!

I've been ill this week with a flu and done nothing but read! Heaven!

Anonymous said...

Running should be banned - seriously! And you couldn't be fat if you tried - you're a tiny little thing!
Hope BBD had a fabulous birthday - you are so good baking a cake each time - I have never subjected my children to my baking, and for that, they are grateful ;o) xxx

Laura said...

In your reading frenzy, please for the love of god stay AWAY from the new Dan Brown!!!! I like you too much to let you go though that agony. :O)

Working Mum said...

Afternoon naps! What are they?

Anonymous said...

I run at the gym but the concept of running for fun is one that's lost on me.

Get a bike - that's my advice. They're good exercise and you get out and about.

Assuming it stops raining at any stage for the next 3 months where you live, anyway. :)

Madame DeFarge said...

I love afternoon naps. Don't go down well at the office, but I reckon its because they don't value my diversity.

Shirley said...

Ah, you inspire me in so many directions, AG :)

You were going to clean your house because of an in-law or two who would be coming to take up residence. Since you didn't mention it this time, maybe your incentive's gone? Not a bad thing. No, not at all.

auntiegwen said...

Mob - sorry to hear you've been poorly, whatcha reading? x

Pen - you've not seen me for a few months ! Not taller but wider now, sadly :(

Lolly - thanks for the warning, I shall stay away from him :) X

WM - you get them when your children become teenagers, see there is light at the end of the teenage tunnel

Matthew - you know we live in tropical heat here in the midlands ! can hardly get out my front door for palm trees !

Madame - there must be some HR tract that can make them value your diversity. I'm sure you could slay them with your pithy wit !

Shirley - in the very confusing divorce that I am having, my in laws visit my children at my house, so I have to tidy up, provide afternoon tea and then leave, yes, truly, I do this so they can still see my children (1 of whom refuses to visit dads house) If Carling made ex wifes ... (sorry it's a British advert for a brand of beer, meant to signify that something is the best, just so you get the joke), inclusive to all nations, that's your auntie xxx

Working Mum said...

Only eight more years to go then!

Anonymous said...

I run also to help control my fat. Eating is more powerful than exercising unfortunately!