Tuesday 13 October 2009

10 things I've been asked to give you.

I have been given a lovely "Honest Scrap" manly award from Matthew. Again my computer says no, it is a corrupt image (like the lovely Rachels) I fear I need a new computer. If you haven't read Matthew go forthwith, he writes with elegance and pace and poise. As part of the award I have to give you 10 unknown facts about me. As I am a great big fat show off I fear there is nothing left but as I am a great spouter of too much infomation, here goes

If I was a boy I would have been called John.

My parents got married the day JFK was assassinated, kinda put a dampner on their day.

I am shit scared of mice.

The smell of eggs (especially scrambled) makes me gag, I have on several occassions thrown up, most notably when trying to feed an elderly patient the hated scrambled eggs.

My ringtone is "For reasons unknown" by The Killers

I have had 3 completely natural (yep that's right, no pain killers AT ALL) childbirths. No stitches either and I was in labour for a collective total of a smidge over 6 hours. My dad said I am a peasant, I could give birth and be back at work in the fields an hour later.

I have a mole at the top of my left thigh and another right of centre on my tummy.

I am not remotely ticklish, anywhere.

I have been in love 4 times.

My neck and my back are ridiculously sensitive, ridiculously.

I am meant to give the award to 10 people and they then have to do the tag. As I cannot pass on the award can I still tag 10 of you? Please feel free to do the tag nick the award picture from Matthews blog and tell him auntiegwen sent you.


Saz said...

interesting twist on a meme...well done you....the things that make us ..us is fascinating..

Anonymous said...

You have those two moles, yet aren't ticklish anywhere?

Cruel, cruel fate.

Shirley said...

Thanks for the link to Matthew, AG. Loved his "son" post. Giggled over your list, although (or probably because) it was pretty much TMI. We are a nation of voyeurs and I'd like to think I'm above all that but, well, I guess not. :-)

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I couldn't think of one thing remotely interesting about me. I dearent bore people more than I do already.

So you hate mice eh? You'd hate the curries at my place then!

Laura said...

Can't belive not even your feet are ticklish.

scrappysue said...

remind me never to make you eggs...

Expat mum said...

A smidge over 6 hours? Total? Aarrgghh! I mean, way to go!!

auntiegwen said...

Saz - thank you, compliance is my middle name, tag me and I'll post :)

matthew - I have 3 but the 3rd in a place that might be too delicate to reveal :) not even a teent tiny bit ticklish

Shirley - TMI is my speciality, glad you liked Matt

Mob - you are so not boring, and curried mice eh ? that's what happens when you leave the city, nae starbucks, pavements or street lights but plenty rodents for a curry !

Lolly - not a bit of me

Sue - hate them hate them hate them

Expat Mum - it's ok to hate me, most newly delivered mothers do