Thursday 20 March 2014

Food & work - part 2 work

Sometimes I think being Glaswegian doesn't help me when people ask me to do stuff I find weird. I think my Glaswegian ness shows on my face. Or perhaps I am just fundamentally unsuited to corporate bollocks.

I have been to That London to attend a training course and several meetings. I have had to have extensive training just so I can go to meetings, effectively. My Glaswegian ness was in full force then. I could not have been more Glaswegian if I tried and I have had a lot of practice due to my advanced age

My friend Lou (also Glaswegian) texted me when I was away asking what I was up to. I believe my reply was 5 words long, letting her know my location and included the words team building shite. Succinct.

I loathe with a passion ice breakers and stuff like that, I would like to do my job and not go to another meeting as long as I live. I get the fear when we are asked to go round the table being asked things that aren't job related. I can answer job related questions with no fear at all. I can even use 2 bob words and pronounce them correctly.

At the end of the 2 days, I could have been wearing a see you Jimmy comedy wig and tartan bunnet as I was asked, and I shit you not, " tell me what colour you feel?"

At this point my Glaswegian DNA exploded. All over the desk, a mix of irn bu, MB bars and chips.


Helena said...

Colour? OMG! I've never felt any other colour than seething female-red every once in a while.

Here's hoping you've not got too many to attend in future. Sounds quite draining, Gwen..x

ps......any idea where I'd get an MB bar at hawf eleven at night...?

Gigi said...

Dreaded words there... "team building" *shudder*

You don't have to be Glaswegian to have a problem with that.

You have my sympathy.

libby said...

Oh I love you.......and all that stuff that isn't work related is bollocks to people of my age...we have been doing the job...leave us alone......and my current colour is with envy for retired people..x

London City (mum) said...

Laughing, laughing, laughing...

What COLOUR do you feel? Seriously?
I hope you replied "Donkey", or something equally inane.

My own pet hate: meetings where they decide you need another meeting to discuss what this meeting has failed to achieve.

Another hour of my life I will not get back.


Mac n' Janet said...

Boy am I with you!!! I hate anything related to "team building", I'm a loner and damn proud of it. When I was a teacher the big thing was group projects which I consider a load of crap. When I work in a group, if there's no way to avoid it, I take it over and do it my way with as little input as I can get away with.
I liked staff meetings before school because I was usually so tired I could sleep through them.
As to color it would have been "pissed off blue".

auntiegwen said...

Lena - if you find any MB bars, will you post one down to me, I'd love one

Gigi - yep, team building is shite no matter where you are

Libs - I'm with you xx

LCM - I truly, truly dread them, I am awful at them, I behave like a sulky teenager which is such a good look on a 47 year old!

M&J - I loved the pre school briefing, great excuse to chat, just like the kids did in assembly, sometimes I really miss teaching

Looking for Blue Sky said...

And now team building and group work is big in Irish schools and colleges, much to the disgust of my children! When I was young I didn't mind 'training courses' as they wee mostly about socialising and a break from the job. Which then of course gets serious as you get older, and more pressured, and all you want to do is get it done and go home. Luckily the small firms that I have worked for recently couldn't afford to waste much time in meetings and team building usually meant the boss brining in a bag of cakes occasionally :)

auntiegwen said...

LFBS - you get cake????? oh you are lucky

Nota Bene said...

Red. Definitely red. I think you were red.