Saturday 22 March 2014

In which I have left it too late again, the 2014 remix

On a theme of old.

I still need to lose weight. I have been running again and all was going splendidly. Then I hurt my back, walking, sitting still and lying down became problematic and I am usually ace at them. My back got better now so I had a run, a really nice 4 miles, I properly enjoyed it. I got home and found I had a blister covering the back of my right ankle. It had started off as a small rub from my new cheerful "I might be middle aged but my feet look jaunty" shoes

Except my shoes are even jauntier than those as instead of plain old laces, I have red ribbons. You'd be dead jealous apart from the blister it gave me. You will be pleased I haven't added a photo of my blister, it is a lot less jaunty than the shoes.

So, I am still trying to lose weight (as ever) but I love food and my husband loves cooking, we are a match made in heaven, I just need to move around more. He also likes to buy me bottles of gin, I kept buying Bombay Sapphire, which I love but on recommendation from Curry Queen we now love Sipsmith and courtesy of our local fab shop we found a brilliant gin made here in Market Harborough, God but I love this place, it's called Two Birds When you have gin you have to have some nibbles with it, it'd be rude not to. Hence the ferocious amount of weight gained.

It has now come to my knowledge that I am about to go on holiday, which is great, we will be sans weans, which is greater and it will be sunny, greatest of great.

What is less great is that where we are going will be full of honeymoon couples, therefore I will be surrounded by women 2 decades younger and 2 stone lighter as they will have all been on a diet for years before their wedding so they will be all skinny on the day and honeymoon thereafter. Due to another bout of spectacular bad planning and general failure of life stuff, my honeymoon is happening a mere 15 months after our nuptials. Any weight I had lost has had time to be found.

Also whilst I am away, it will be Mother's day and this will be the first time in 22 years that I have not had any one of my children with me.

Before you feel too sorry for me, I shall fess up, it's a lot easier to miss your weans when you've already had a week swanning round Sri Lanka and are now sitting on your own wee deck of your own wee water villa in the Maldives, I bet the sun will dry my tears up a treat.

See you in a fortnight.


Nota Bene said...

Ah gin o'clock...have a fab time...honeymoons are always better without the children

AGuidingLife said...

I'm with NB. My last honeymoon not only included child but also the mother-in-law. Sticking hot needles in my eyes would have been more relaxing. Take a photo of the kids and prop it up against the gin bottle for an hour on Mother's Day, that counts as good parenting. You know you can trust me.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

I'm still planning my honeymoon, just in case :) Hope yours is as wonderful as it should be xx

family Affairs said...

Not a lot of sympathy I have to say…..have an amazing time Lx

Andy said...

I truly hope you have a lovely time. But then again I have quite a vested interest.

Curry Queen said...

So glad you approve of my Gin recommendations. Have had a look at that website and they sell samples - Genius! Hope you are having/have had a fab time and are awash with Mother's Ruin. Xx

Helena said...

My son-in-law's mate is from Sri Lanka (and what an 'ansome chap he is!) and his pics looks amazing!

Hope you had a fabulous time (I haven't done the maths but reckon it's some day soon!)

Jay said...

I'm only just catching up I seem to be missing your post updates! I hope you had a wonderful time away, slightly different to our trip to Sri Lanka racing around in the heat trying to find cricket pitches - r & r time in the Maldives would be more up my street!