Wednesday 6 August 2008

Doubled in Value

I haven't mentioned my running for a while but I am running fairly well at the moment. Back in May I went to a hen night and I met my friend's running partner, a nice man who has now become my partner, in preparation for the marathon I hope to run.

What he gets out of this arrangement I don't know as I hold him back, whine, procratinate and behave like a teenager. He does all the work, reads running books, sets routes and does spreadsheet things, he even sometimes brings me homemade Bailey's cheesecake as it's my favourite, he is truly a sweet, sweet man. He is extremely polite and has the poshest voice ever and he calls me "Dahling" and it sounds like that, I completely take the mickey out of him for being so English and he is beginning now to overcome his natural gentlemanly traits, his shyness and reserve and is trying to banter back with me.

So how do I repay this lovely, lovely man for all his hard work. Easy, on my trip back to The Mother Country I buy a car bumper sticker of the Saltire. I drive to his house and put it on the back of his Mini. His little pet peeve is people putting stickers on their car. I am hysterical at the thought of him driving around and not knowing it's there, a double whammy, the sticker and the fact he's so ultra English. Of course, sad article that I am, I photograph it and blog it. My problem is I think I am really funny.

He found it today ! He's told me that revenge is a dish best served cold, I wonder if tomorrow I'll wake up and find a St George's Cross painted on the front of my house ?


Working Mum said...

Hey, I was reading your blog while you were reading mine! Coincidence.

You wouldn't be jealous if you saw the state of the lounge I've now got to tackle. How come plasterers make so much mess making your rooms beautiful? At least ten days of cleaning, sanding and painting ahead of me .........

Love to know what the Englishman does in revenge. Watch out for flags of St George attached to your car!

Anonymous said...

You mischievous girl you! God one of us to cross the pond so we can hang out!

DAB said...

Anutiegwen, you're one naughty lady. Car stickers of Maggie Thatcher, Tony Blair or Gordon Brown(hold on a minute TF isn't he Scottish?) TFX

Squirmy Popple said...

Ooh, the worst is not knowing when he's going to get back at you. Keep your eye out for trouble!

scrappysue said...

hehe - me thinks he's going to keep you guessing, and when u least expect it. expect it!

auntiegwen said...

WM - he told me yesterday that he has something lined up for me and smirked ... a lot

Lisa - start saving and we'll have a trip of a lifetime !!!

TF - sadly, both Smarmy Tone and dour Gordon are both Scottish, and for that I truly apologize, we can't all be brilliant and occassionally 1 or 2 slip through the quality control net.

Katie - I can only wait and I think he'll make me wait a long time

Sue - I dish it out so I have to take it back, like a proud Scot, I can take anything that Sassenach throws at me